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Triple Threat No. 1, 2, & 3


This product dropped in stores on 4/20 with a lot of fanfare and an air of mystery.

STAYME7O (pronounced “stay mellow”) is the latest in the world of celebrity Cannabis brands, created by 10-time NBA All-Star Carmelo Anthony and fueled by flower from Jesce Horton’s well-known brand, The Lowd. True to its name, this weed will stink up the room if you leave the lid off for too long. More than that, this brand also represents the brainchild of Horton’s new Cannabis agency Grand National, which he launched with talented writer and creative director Brandon Drew Jordan Pierce. STAYME7O features professional-looking packaging with a bold blue box that slides open to reveal a wooden-topped Miron glass jar. This product dropped in stores on 4/20, with a lot of fanfare and an air of mystery. 

Though there isn’t much information on their website or socials, we can tell you STAYME7O has three strains released under the name “Triple Threat,” all released as 5-gram packages. The No. 3 (dark blue) is a Face Mints, Biscotti, and Sherb cross. The No. 2 (teal) is Georgia Pie x Runtz. Finally, No.1 (orange) is a Kush Mints and Pancakes cross that actually features a high concentration of THCV. Popping the top on any of these three jars gives your nose that instant confirmation you bought the right stuff. 

Despite having an aroma that’s impossible to hide, this weed dribbles right past your defenses. The jars we looked at all had a wild shape to the nugs, along with dark coloring to go along with that aggressive nose. The gassiness of No.3 made it a near choice for my favorite, but the THCV in No.1 was unique enough to make it a tie. 

Each of the STAYME7O strains we tried had large buds and a taste/high that was compelling, though perhaps not super unique from one another. We can see why they share the title Triple Threat, with each having a bit of the other present in the profile. In case you needed another reason to check this new brand out, STAYME7O has also pledged to donate a portion of its profits to NuProject, a non-profit that looks to, “build generational wealth via the legal Cannabis industry for the Black and Brown communities disproportionately harmed by the war on drugs.”

Currently, STAYME7O can be found at Natural Wonders and Green Muse, helping to highlight Native- and Black-owned dispensaries in the Portland area. With more stores on the way eventually, the brand aspires to be multi-state, with Anthony telling Forbes, “We’d like to be international.”

stayme7o.com | @stayme7o | @stayme7o.420 | @thelowd

This article was originally published in the June 2024 issue of Oregon Leaf.

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