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Violet Fog

from Focus North

A complex bouquet of blackberry, blueberry and grape, plus a hint of musky leather.

Hyped-up seed drops rarely deliver beyond the level of excitement they generate. So when renowned breeders Cannarado and Compound Genetics teamed up for their Grape Gasoline line, it was going to be difficult to match the fever pitch from the fans.

But now that premier farms like Focus North have popped the seeds, we can exhale a heavy sigh of relief. When the results we’re seeing contain standouts like the Violet Fog blessing the pages of our Flower of the Month article, we know the collab was a success. 

The crew from Focus North put it succinctly: “Well, Cannarado and Compound are two breeders that have always held space in gardens. So when they worked together to produce genetics, it was an easy decision to test them.” 

The crew found a handful of keepers but zeroed in on one particular fruit-forward profile. “Our selected pheno is very Grape Gasoline dominant – a terp that until now was always missing in our garden,” the team told us. And let’s just confirm that they knocked this batch out of the park … giving the loudest expression of any berry-leaning profile my nose has ever encountered.

Admiring the chunky nugs in the jar, Violet Fog showcases muted purples and fitting violet hues, perfectly complementing its floral and “purple” aromas. A deep inhale reveals a complex bouquet of blackberry, blueberry and grape, plus a hint of musky leather. In a joint, these scents are carried over to the taste, with an added flavor reminiscent of those chalky wafer candies. The overall experience is further enhanced by a light floral top note and a hint of berry on the exhale.

But Violet Fog isn’t just about its sophisticated flavors and aromas. This strain also offers a restful, sleepy high that’s perfect for pre-gaming a long bath or settling in for a short movie. The effects are well-balanced, providing a sense of relaxation without overwhelming sedation. 

Overall, Violet Fog is a must-try for any Cannabis aficionado looking for a flavorful and potent experience. Its unique blend of intense grape and rich diesel are a great complement to its calming effect. A standout in any garden or dispensary shelf, this one was worth the hype.

focusnorthgardens.com | @focusnorthgardens

This article was originally published in the January 2023 issue of Oregon Leaf.

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