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Waffle Cone

from Solar Therapeutics

"Dense and bright green, with golden highlights that glisten in the light."

Solar Therapeutics mission is to lower and eventually reverse the heavy carbon footprint of commercial Cannabis production. To that end, they’ve installed solar panels with battery storage and introduced sustainable cultivation techniques in an effort to offset at least 60% of their carbon emissions, with plans for even more energy efficiency in the future. They’re also excited to find out “Who’s Got the Best Grass in Mass?” when they host the Cultivator’s Cup September 3-4. 

Their Waffle Cone is a hybrid cross of Jet Fuel Gelato and Dosilato that was originally bred by Compound Genetics. Solar Thera’s Director of Cultivation Brendan Delaney describes it as a unique and uplifting strain that particularly helps patients with chronic pain and stress. Adult-use consumers will enjoy the initial heady onset that’s followed by a deep body buzz. 

The buds themselves look dense and bright green, with golden highlights that glisten in the light. Upon grinding, the intense creamy berry sweetness gives way to subtle scents of geranium, lavender and even fresh cilantro. The buds break up into a nice fluffy consistency, perfect for rolling a joint. A dry toke reveals a hint of anise reminiscent of the sticky sweet black licorice you find at the “olde candy shoppe.”

The smoke from Waffle Cone is dense and heavy, which caused a bit of coughing initially. The flower burns to a clean white ash, indicating a light nutrient feeding regimen and a proper flush before harvest. The long-lasting high reflects the best of a great hybrid – a creative sativa-dominant onset that ends with a relaxing indica stone. 

Total Active Cannabinoids: 27.5%

THCa: 26.10%

CBGa: .90%

Address: 1400 Brayton Point Road Somerset, MA 02725

Phone & Web: 508-300-3366 | solarthera.com | @solarcannabisco

This article was originally published in the August 2021 issue of Northeast Leaf.

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