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Where’s My Bike

from Benson Arbor

"The effect of this flower has always given me a spaced-out feeling."

Noah Levine, the owner of Benson Arbor, is a renowned sungrown cultivator who is well known for producing outdoor flower with big diesel-forward profiles. But recently, Benson has expanded their family-owned Southern Oregon farm to include indoor and greenhouse offerings – keeping those gas-heavy profiles on the shelves throughout the year and giving their customers more options at the dispensary. While we wait for this year’s outdoor harvest to cure, it seemed fitting to dig into one of their standard cultivars, grown in the greenhouse and indoor gardens.

Where’s My Bike was bred by Dutch company Karma Genetics. Though the name is a cheeky mash-up of its parents, Amnesia and Biker Kush, the effect of this flower has always given me a spaced-out feeling – making me want to walk through the park or wander off the beaten path. That familiar, stoney but active effect will more likely send you chasing a frisbee over sinking into the couch, but temporarily misplacing your bike or your lighter is still a distinct possibility.

With a tight bud structure and large chunky buds, the greenhouse catches my attention first. Breaking into the flower releases a terpinolene spiked bubblegum aroma, backed with lime candy and a sharp and sweet acetone scent. Flavors of tropical fruit and sour herbs come through on a dry hit, and all of that is accentuated when the joint is lit.

The indoor feels like if the greenhouse flower cleaned up for a date night, or better yet – a court date. There’s a lighter shade of green throughout with brighter, more reflective trichomes than the greenhouse. The aroma here is loud lime candy, with that same top note of terpinolene and a less sweet, more gas-forward base note. While there are fewer of those tropical fruit flavors in this version, the bouquet is more clean and direct.

Both joints burn evenly with a fluffy light ash. Where the greenhouse leans toward complex tropical fruit flavor, the indoor brings the gas. In terms of structure, the greenhouse is more compact and dense, while the indoor plants feature a bit more stretch and a higher concentration of trichome coverage. 

This is all connoisseur-grade Cannabis, so it really comes down to whichever you prefer. The indoor is on the shelf for those who love killer bag appeal and pronounced flavors, and the greenhouse is available for the more complex flavors and sun-kissed cannabinoid profile. I highly suggest a face-off between the two so you can see which end of the spectrum you prefer.

This article was originally published in the November 2021 issue of Oregon Leaf.

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