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White Gold

from Secret Garden

The first thing you’ll notice about White Gold is how densely packed the buds are.

As the great Bruno Mars sang in 2014, “This hit, that ice cold, Michelle Pfeiffer, that white gold. This one for them hood girls, them good girls, straight masterpieces. Stylin’, wilin’, livin’ it up in the city.” Unfortunately, Secret Garden’s White Gold doesn’t come with a pair of Chucks or a Saint Laurent suit, but it does guarantee a fun night out on the town. 

The first thing you’ll notice about White Gold is how densely packed the buds are. One of the tightest structures we’ve seen, it took a little bit of effort to pack our bowls, but we see that as a positive. The extra time we spent breaking down the buds and grinding them gave us more time to enjoy the complex scent profile that has notes of citrus, pine and pepper. Not a super trichome-y bud, we didn’t end up with any sticky residue on our fingers but the powerful scent still filled the room. 

Our first tokes were super earthy – like walking through a heavily-wooded pine forest. However, as the smoke dissipated and we filled another bowl, we started picking up on some subtle spice and sugary notes. The smoke itself was wicked smooth and left us wanting to keep refilling our bowl. 

The high we experienced is equally as hard to pin down as the flavor profile, but as we found out, that’s because this flower is a really, really slow creeper. By the time we realized we were baked, we had already DoorDashed three Denny’s Grand Slams, way too many chocolate milkshakes, and collapsed into numerous laughing fits. 

Bottom line: If you’re looking to celebrate the end of another work week, turn up the Bruno and jump head first into a big bowl of White Gold. 

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