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Beezle GMO Cured Budder with Rise Up Coffee Roasters Organic Maryland Blend

The sweet, nutty and earth flavors of the coffee have a similar flavor blend to the GMO.

The Tannins

riseupcoffee.com | @riseupcoffee
Rise Up has been loved by Maryland coffee drinkers since 2005, with 12 locations in the state. An Eastern Shore speciality, you can usually find them on the Ocean City side of the Bay Bridge. Their Maryland blend has the nutty smell you’d expect from coffee, with sweet hints of toasted buns and baked goods. 

We brewed up a pot and let it get to room temperature, then mixed it with some ice and oat milk – topping it off with some whole coffee beans for flavor and aesthetic. This mix created a natural-tasting blend of flavors.

The Terpenes

82.88% Total Cannabinoids | 7.34% Terpenes
beezlebrands.com | @team_beezle
New to the Maryland Cannabis scene, we have Beezle entering the market with shatters and budders. They have been crushing it in California, and now Maryland gets the blessing of their arrival. They did justice to this GMO-cured budder, producing a classic quintessential flavor profile you’d come to expect from this strain. A deep, earthy blend of terpenes in this batch is dominated by myrcene, limonene and caryophyllene. I really appreciate the bottom of the jar stating the cultivator of the Cannabis that was used to make this extract. In this case, it was Evermore starting material. The gram jars come as a perfectly sliced-out square of budder melting into the jar.

The Pairing

The sweet, nutty and earth flavors of the coffee have a similar flavor blend to the GMO – both with their own complex profiles. The aftertaste left in your mouth after smoking a dab of GMO is very similar to that taste left on your tongue when drinking coffee. GMO tends to get me in a stoney headspace, making something caffeinated the perfect thing for me to pair it with for an uptick in energy. I am excited to play around further with coffee pairings, given the unique flavor profiles of different types and preparations.

This article was originally published in the September 2022 issue of Maryland Leaf.

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