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Coffee with Milk and French Toast Crunch

French Toast Crunch from Fire Bros. makes a great morning smoke paired with coffee and milk.

When it comes to craft consumables like Cannabis and coffee, you’re bound to encounter a certain level of pretension. For whatever reason, an abundance of choice tends to breed some egotism or self-importance from brands, as well as the discerning recommendation of your local budtender/barista. But we shouldn’t let potential judgment from some coffee snob or daily dabber stop us from enjoying things the way we prefer them. Sometimes there is nothing wrong with time-tested procedure. As the old adage goes, “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.” So rather than suffer through another five dollar pourover of black coffee just because it’s the ‘respectful’ thing to do, pour some milk in there and roll up one of those great strains named after a youthful sweet – ideally French Toast Crunch from Fire Bros

I’ll be honest, I’ve been guilty of it myself: I was once the pompous presence behind the espresso counter. Fresh out of high school, I thought I was hot stuff drinking free-trade black coffee by the French press-full, in an apron two sizes too small. I’d roll my eyes and scoff like any self-respecting hipster, as I’d make people ask for cream even after they had made it a point to ask for ‘room’ at the register. “Why are you such a jerk about milk?” my manager asked me one day. I didn’t really know. “Well cut it out!” she demanded. “Just because you can’t taste the deeper notes of coffee without it being black, doesn’t mean others can’t.” 

She was absolutely right. Brewed coffee should be experienced and appreciated to a person’s preferences – whether that be unadulterated or with a splash of milk and a spoonful of sugar. There’s a simple reason people started adding these things to their morning cup: They just enjoy it better that way. And there is absolutely nothing wrong with that. Apart from cooling down coffee to a manageable temperature immediately, milk makes your brewed beverage smoother and creamier. In fact, it can bring out entirely different aspects of the coffee that might be otherwise unachievable without it. 

With a similarly misguided stiltedness, I’ve had a tendency to avoid Girl Scout Cookies-based strains. For me, the effects were generally lacking and I smoke for the high, not for the lingering dessert aftertaste. But if you get too caught up in your own turgid opinions, you’ll never have the opportunity to be proven wrong – such is the case with French Toast Crunch. The maple and roasted flavors that you would expect are obvious when you stop staring and finally light these high quality, frosted buds. But this is not your average after-dinner treat. An anytime indica, French Toast Crunch is more mentally stimulating than you would anticipate, with the perfect level of warm and embracing euphoria. 

Coffee with milk and French Toast Crunch make for excellent companions on a calm but rambling morning walk, occasionally idling in the warming spring sun. Other activities that are complemented by this Cannabis and coffee pair would be ‘Marie-Kondoing’ your wardrobe, or as the final course of your weekly at-home dinner date with your partner. It can be hard not to be swayed by the judgmental eye behind the bar, but after this last year, there is no more time to waste putting on airs. Enjoy your Cannabis and coffee how you want, not how you think other people expect you to. 

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