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Happy Daddy Captain Couch and Art + Science Twilight Perry

This pairing combines complex citrus notes with melon, peaches, plums and pears for fans of fruit-forward flavors.

The Tannins

Art + Science Twilight Perry
The “singular feral pear tree” harvested for this bottle hails from Perrydale, Ore., and its fruit is transformed in the nearby hills of Sheridan. This cider (also known as “Perry”)  by Art + Science offers a complete expression of the pear. There’s nothing else added besides the luck of natural yeast. Once the Perry goes in the bottle, the process and pears take over. Half of the fun is popping the top and seeing what’s inside.

After a quick swirl to stir up the fruit sediment, the cap releases with a healthy pop and a honeyed aroma fills the space. Dry, with notes of toasted sugar and soft Golden Delicious apples, finishing with a pleasing malic acid tartness. Supremely fizzy with luxe and tiny bubbles, this crisp beverage would fit in easily at a celebration.

The Terpenes

Happy Daddy Captain Couch
25.4% Total Cannabinoids | 2.1% Terpenes
happydaddygardens.com | @happydaddygardens 
When Happy Daddy stopped making titanium dab tools and pivoted to growing herb, we wondered if the community had lost a key piece of Cannabis culture. Thankfully, that’s not the case – the crew here is still tending the fire and this Captain Couch flower is all the proof we needed. The lid isn’t even off the jar before I’m walloped with a pleasing funk. The scent on this plant is everything you could expect from its infamous parents, Legend Og and Tropicana Cookies f2 … and then some. 

Even better, this flower has top-tier jar appeal. Chunky buds the length of a pack of king-size papers are ready to take a spin in the grinder – too resinous to break down by hand. Up close, every bract on the stem is packed with trichomes, catching and casting light atop purple candy stripes.

Oregon Tannins Pairing
Photo by Amanda Day/Terpodactyl Media

The Pairing

Big and bouncy, complex citrus notes are at the forefront of this flower. They’re followed by fresh melon, peaches, plums and pears – flavors that are fit for a fruit-forward pairing. With a light 7.5% ABV and refreshing effervescence, Art + Science’s Twilight Perry makes an excellent partner. 

This article was originally published in the September 2022 issue of All Magazines.

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