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Herer Haze cartridge and a homemade margarita

With sips of the margarita nestled between pulls, our palates were blissfully abuzz.

No one in their right mind would leave Alaska in the summertime, at least not in our opinion. Why else do we fight our way through the long dark winters if not to enjoy the 20-plus hours of daylight we get during our fantastic summers? Thankfully, by pairing the Frog Mountain Herer Haze cartridge with the favorite summertime beverage – a margarita – you’ll feel like you are sitting on a beach in Mexico with your toes in the sand and your head sailing through the deep blue sky.

When we first pulled the cartridge out of the package we were intrigued. Ketchikan’s Frog Mountain, in their continuous quest to bring the cleanest and most natural products to the industry, has hit one out of the park with their new cartridge design. By the time of this publication, they will have converted to using the Sirius Pod as their sole delivery mechanism.

The pods are compact, self-contained delivery systems (product/battery/charging port) less than 3 inches in height and 14 millimeters in diameter – the perfect size to fit snugly into the downstem of your favorite bong.

The main advantage to this cartridge is that it is wickless. Whereas most vape carts contain a cotton wick as part of their design (which Jason at Frog Mountain equates with “hitting a dab off a Q-tip”), their cartridges use a porous ceramic wick to deliver the concentrate from the chamber to the heating element. This results in a much cleaner draw. The cartridge, being self-contained, does not rely on glues or adhesives to seal openings like a traditional threaded cart would. All of this, combined with their CO2 extraction, makes for a very pure Cannabis experience. For the best results, this style of cartridge should be hit in a long, slow draw rather than a quick, deep hit.

Made from King Street Cannabis Co. flower, this 76.98% THC offering is also high in terpenes (9.32%), resulting in a very flavorful taste. The dominant terp is terpinolene at 3.87%, which is common, but usually found in low quantities in most strains. Tasting a terpinolene dominant strain was a real treat and the first two words we all used to describe the taste were “fresh and clean.” The initial inhale gave a newly-chopped citrus and herb flavor that left us licking our lips, while the exhale amplified the experience and added to its complexity.

We soon began to notice a pleasant aftertaste of a more earthy nature, reminiscent of nutmeg and other deep-flavored spices. With sips of the margarita nestled between pulls, our palates were blissfully abuzz.

The high came on in a very quiet manner that left us feeling the same, and there wasn’t much conversation as we began to feel the effects. The sensation was a bit of a paradox, in that it could be described as being intensely relaxed. If that wasn’t a thing before, it is now. The high lasted well into the second hour. Our smiles lasted all day.

Testing: 76.98% THC | 2.19% CBG | 1.56% Beta Myrcene |  3.87% Terpinolene

This article was originally published in the June 2022 issue of Alaska Leaf.

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