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Raspberry Kush and Tang

Musky, candied-cherry and tropical meets classic orange.

In 1962, NASA used Tang on John Glenn’s Mercury flight, garnering the drink a lofty reputation as a space-age drink. Since then, Tang has occupied the lowly bottom shelf in grocery stores and the younger generations have no idea what they are missing out on. With that in mind, we are donning our homemade paper astronaut helmets as we blast off into the new year with the dynamic pairing of Raspberry Roots’ signature Raspberry Kush and a hot glass of orange Tang.

Raspberry Kush’s terpene profile is a dream mixture of Cherry Pie’s musky, candied-cherry undertones and Tangie’s in-your-face tropical flavor, resulting in a delicious raspberry aftertaste that’s perfect for pairing with Tang. The bud has hints of deep purple coloration and the chunky bud structure we’d expect from any great indica. Its moody undertones are the perfect backdrop for the bud’s long, curly red pistils of goodness. With deep space on our minds, we decided to see what this beautiful bud looked like under a spotlight – and we were not disappointed. Raspberry Kush’s coating of trichomes shines like stars in the night when you hold it up to the light.

Although Raspberry Kush has a relatively low THC content at just 14.8 percent, this strain is guaranteed to have you space-trucking in no time with just a few pulls from your favorite piece of glass. The high starts with a subtle tingle as it spreads across the bridge of your nose, wrapping around your head like a, dare we say, astronaut’s helmet. As you continue partaking of its wondrously fruity pleasures, it shrouds you in a pain-relieving euphoria. Before long, this lovely little creeper had us spooning our couch pillows while binge-watching “Space Force.”

To balance Raspberry Kush’s sedating effects, we topped off our final toke with a tall glass of the orange stuff. Tang’s unmistakably orange flavor, intermingled with a respectable 22 grams of sugar, was the ideal energy boost we were looking for. While it might not have gotten us off the couch long enough to take out the trash, it did give us the kick we needed to make it to season two. And hey, in the middle of hunkering down, spending a day on the couch isn’t exactly the worst thing ever.

This article was originally published in the January 2021 issue of Alaska Leaf.

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