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Skywalker OG cart and Seattle Kraken Lemon Drop

Within minutes, Skywalker OG delivered.

We’re not sure how Luke Skywalker would have fared against a Kraken, but this combo of Cosmic Seaweed’s Skywalker OG cart and Denali Brewing’s Seattle Kraken Lemon Drop suggests that they would have become fast friends. 

With a rich amber color that hinted at a divinely earthy flavor, we couldn’t wait to puff on the Skywalker OG. Our initial drag revealed a subtle taste that was somewhat hard to define. However, on the exhale, we detected a pleasant dash of spice and a sweet fuel that had us licking our lips. The effects of this offering crept up slowly as a foreshadowing of what was to come … but testing at 79.76% THC, we knew this indica was going to ease us into a relaxed, peaceful state. 

Within minutes, Skywalker OG delivered. We felt our pain dissipate in each exhaled cloud of vapor and sank a little deeper into the couch with each hit.

Next, we cracked the tab on a fresh can of Denali Brewing’s Seattle Kraken Lemon Drop. The cool liquid hit our taste buds and immediately woke them up with an explosion of flavor that seemed to dance on our tongues. The vodka-infused drink tasted like a real cocktail, not just some jazzed-up juice in a can. The added bitters took what could have been an often-repeated lemon-vodka combo to new heights, and the layers of flavor kept us coming back for more.

So what happens when one pairs two finely crafted pleasures into one experience? Pure enjoyment! When layering the beverage on top of a pull from the cart, we found that the drink accentuated the somewhat subtle flavors of the vape, yielding a gratifying and earthy taste. But when layering the cart over the drink, we discovered that our dancing taste buds were even more in tune with the spicy hints experienced on both the inhale and exhale.

In the end, we found ourselves channel surfing and enjoying a pain-free and relaxing high while slowly sipping the tasty beverage in our hand. This is the perfect pairing for a weekend chill session, or even for a quiet Tuesday night without much on the schedule. 


Skywalker OG 79.76% THC | 2.18% Terps | 0.5% CBD | Indica
Seattle Kraken Lemon Drop: 6% Alc/Vol

This article was originally published in the April 2022 issue of Alaska Leaf.

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