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Sweet Blossom and Sunset Sherbet Flower with Live Resin Cake Badder

After a few puffs, my anxiety lessened significantly, while simultaneously putting me in a great mood.


A semi-sweet barrel-aged honey wine that is produced locally in Baltimore City, this Sweet Blossom mead is a refreshingly perfect addition to a late summer day. While mead may fall into a lesser-known category of alcoholic beverages, the team at Charm City Meadworks is dedicated to changing that – believing that this brew deserves to stand alongside the staples of beer, wine, and cider. If you’ve never tried mead and you’re a fan of a light and dry drinking experience, then look no further than the offerings at Charm City Meadworks – with 10-plus offerings and shipment to 39 states, you just might find your new favorite beverage.


Notes of sweetness and jet fuel are battling it out on the nose of this strain from Evermore. The sweetness is reminiscent of cookies, cakes, pies, or even candy. A slight citrusy waft lies underneath these tantalizing aromas, and the visually stunning, beautiful deep purple and light green buds are surrounded by shiny trichomes and bright orange pistils. Flower that looks this high quality gets me really excited about rolling a fat joint and lighting up. In my experience, this strain has proven to be a cerebral heavy hitter, leaving me in a noticeable state of euphoria.


When smoking the flower, and even stronger when smoking the concentrate, sweet cake-like flavors shine through. A slight hint of limonene can also be expected, which accompanies the taste of baked goods nicely. The sweet and floral flavors of the mead blend perfectly with the similar taste of the flower and badder. After a few puffs, my anxiety lessened significantly, while simultaneously putting me in a great mood to be around friends and family. A night out with a few glasses of Sweet Blossom and a fat joint or dab of Sunset Sherbet – this is a match made in heaven.

Flower Testing: 26.99% Total Cannabinoids and 3.118% Total Terpenes

Badder Testing: 83.78% Total Cannabinoids and 12.54% Total Terpenes

Charm City Meadworks: Sweet Blossom 12% Alc by Vol

This article was originally published in the September 2021 issue of all Leaf Magazines.

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