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Apex Hemp Lotion

The vanilla scent dominates the lotion in the best way possible.

Packaging & Appearance

With clean and simplistic packaging, consumers know exactly what they’re getting – a delightful 1000mg hemp CBD lotion to aid the body and nourish the skin, with a refreshing vanilla scent to boot! The large lettering keeps anyone from mistaking this product as anything else, while still being as inconspicuous as any other lotion in the cabinet with its neutral brown bottle and commonly used pump top.


The vanilla scent dominates the lotion in the best way possible, without overpowering the space around anyone. Cutting through this potent vanilla are crisp notes of coriander and sweet herbal spice from the various oils that make up this pleasurable hemp lotion. The balanced blend of aromatic oils complements the Cannabis’ bold scent, so users can comfortably medicate without covering themselves in unwanted or obvious aromas, making this product perfect for people who like to stay under the radar.


The large pump bottle makes the lotion’s application as uncomplicated and manageable as possible with its oil-rich formula and moisturizing additives. With all-natural ingredients like argan oil, aloe vera and coriander seed oil alongside the Apex Hemp Oil, the lotion itself glides effortlessly on the skin while using minimal product, meaning you can get the best bang for your buck. One small pump should do the trick on areas like the hands, joints or neck, while a few pumps would cover larger areas like legs, shoulders and back muscles. 


Using a raw cold press method and USDA Organic ingredients, Apex boasts a product more potent than those that use alcohol, butane or hexane processing, while also being naturally safe and environmentally conscious. The 1000mg dosage means that each pump is full of beneficial cannabinoids like CBD-a, CBG-a, and many others that are known to help muscles by alleviating tension and reducing inflammation. Skin feels instantly nourished between the supple oils and additives, without feeling overly greasy, while the vanilla scent quickly relaxes without overpowering. Within half an hour, users can begin to feel the positive effects of the cannabinoids and the unique formula Apex has put together.


Costing $49, this full spectrum hemp lotion may seem pricey at first glance, but once you consider the inconspicuousness of the product, its easy application, nourishing formula and amazing vanilla aroma, it’s hard to look at any other product. The fact that such a small amount can be stretched so far is reason alone to make this lotion worthy of the cost. The benefits of Apex’s formula and methodology mean consumers can save money normally spent buying multiple products, while feeling comfortable in their choice to support a small, family-run business that focuses on quality goods.


With moisturizing oils, beneficial cannabinoids, and a sublime vanilla aroma, this Apex Hemp Lotion is a must-have for alleviating muscle tension while sufficiently nourishing the skin. The all-natural and environmentally safe methodology provides consumers with an ethical product that can be enjoyed in all 50 states without drawing attention to the product’s cannabinoid-heavy base. Check their website to order some for yourself today!

This article was originally published in the September 2020 issue of Oregon Leaf.

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