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Canapa Pelle Delicata Face Serum & Crema Lotion

The CBD in both the serum and the lotion helps reduce redness and swelling, especially in the morning!

Canapa is a new hemp-derived CBD skincare line hitting the Oregon market, locally sourced from Horn Creek Farms. ‘Pelle Delicata’ means ‘gentle skin’ in Italian, and this CBD-packed face serum not only talks the talk, but walks the walk – leaving me with plump and radiant skin. The Crema lotion is a lightly scented product, with a rich and buttery feel upon application. Both items became an instant classic and permanent installation within my religious skincare routine. Canapa also gives a percentage of sales to The Bail Project, and understands the importance of social equity within the Cannabis industry. Wow, a Cannabis skincare line that is both luxurious and provides a tangible source of social equity through helping people make bail? I’m in.

The Canapa Pelle Delicata face serum and Crema lotion come in a cleanly designed box – although, I wish the product didn’t have additional packaging outside the glass bottle, it’s no different than most skin care products. I loved the smooth, sandblasted glass jar the serum comes in. The branding is not only beautiful and minimal, but environmentally conscious by not contributing to single-use plastics that continue to litter our planet. The packaging looks and feels like a high-end skincare product you would find at a beauty counter.

Most face serums don’t have a real scent, but I loved the clean, grassy smell of Pelle Delicata. The fragrance isn’t strong, but smells natural and refreshing without added perfume. The same goes for the Crema lotion. It has a light scent from the ingredients, with the consistency of a mousse-like body butter. 

After you have cleansed and toned your face, the golden serum drops directly on your skin before heavy, cream moisturizers. The order of which you apply your skincare products matters people! Make sure to apply the serum in light, upward strokes to avoid creating lines or sagging your face. I was immediately glowing. 

Pro Tip: Use the serum with a facial roller for instant results that reduce puffiness, smooth wrinkles and increase blood circulation. The lotion is buttery with application and leaves you with velvety hands once it absorbs into your skin. Ultra-hydrating without becoming greasy. 

I need to moisturize much heavier in the winter than summer, due to the drying effect the cold has on my skin. I apply this serum nightly, but it works great in the mornings when my face is puffy from sleep, or it’s especially bitterly cold. The CBD in both the serum and the lotion helps reduce redness and swelling, especially in the morning! The serum doesn’t leave your face oily, and absorbs seamlessly into the skin. 

As an artist, my hands are constantly put through the ringer. The Crema lotion left my hands softer than baby skin, and reduced inflammation from scratches and abrasions caused by working in a metal shop. The serum and lotion are both standout hemp products created right here in Oregon. CBD is becoming a major contender within the world of skincare, and I would definitely believe the hype.

This article was originally published in the March 2020 issue of Oregon Leaf.

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