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Empower BodyCare Products

from Empower BodyCare

Driven by the passion of founder Trista Okel, Empower BodyCare creates industry leading infused topical products.

Born activist Trista Okel has dedicated her life to the cause. 

A fire burned so brightly after being acquitted in a trial involving her growing Cannabis before legal times, and today she notes her immense privilege for not having to serve time – while others certainly weren’t so lucky. To say the least, the trial was the kindling to a life dedicated to marijuana reform. And it was in Washington D.C. while lobbying Congress with hundreds of signatures from doctors, that Trista agreed to participate in direct action and volunteered to be arrested on the scene. While detained, Trista designed her next venture: the birth of her new company.

Empower BodyCare was the first topical company to hit the Oregon medical market. LGBTQ woman owned, Empower has created some of the most successful topical oils and salts that the industry has ever seen. Starting in a kitchen with just a crock pot, Trista’s mission to provide a safe, effective and holistic product hasn’t waned from its origins. “Nothing can stop me from providing this product to those who need it,” says Trista. “I live to make people feel better and I have worked endlessly on this oil to be what it is today.”

Now when it came to usage, Trista recommended front-loading on the oil, rubbing the topical on the areas that cause the most issues – three to four times a day for the first couple days – and then cutting back to one or two times per day once you start to notice that the product is taking effect. Following her recommendation, I certainly noticed on day three that my hotspots were starting to subside on the pain scale. While I was once a daily “eight” on the scale, that lowered to a tolerable “three.” After many experiments in looking for a better formula, Trista used a special concoction of live resin for the THCa and full spectrum CBD distillate for the CBD, combining in a 1:1 ratio that came full circle and has provided a top tier topical oil that she certainly prides herself on.

The lavender and bergamot bath salts are also noteworthy. After opening the bag, the scent will intrigue and send you running to start the bath. The rose gold coloring provides an aesthetic vibe that definitely elevates a normal experience. Throw in an extra cup to sustain the ultimate relaxation and be ready to hit the hay after. When you are done, throw the opened bag into the fridge, as it should be kept in a refrigerated area when not in use to keep the salts and its benefits intact.

Trista’s company, Empower BodyCare, has provided healing and comfort for a plethora of people in the Oregon Cannabis community, and their enthusiasm for this golden product is not unfounded. The hype around a holistic approach to mitigate pain is an idea that Trista has held so closely to her heart that she has exceeded even her own expectations. The next time you find yourself seeking to alleviate pain and access comfort, look no further than Empower BodyCare.

Cannabis Infused Topical Oil
CBD 204.63mg/unit-0.72%
THC 194.66mg/unit0.68%
THCa 197.22mg/unit-0.69%

Cannabis Infused Soaking Salts
Lavender + Bergamot
CBD 116.68mg/unit(o.3mg/g) 0.03%
THC 104.97mg/unit (0.23mg/g) 0.02%
Delta 9-THC 13.17mg/unit (0.029mg/g) 0.00%
THCa 104.42mg/unit (0.23mg/g) 0.02%

This article was originally published in the February 2022 issue of Oregon Leaf.

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