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Entourage Transdermal Patch

from Synergy Skin Worx

A topical application with edible-like effects.

Synergy Skin Worx entered the medical marijuana market in 2014. With roots deeply entrenched in the Cannabis industry, founders Bud and Mandy Pearce saw the need for a genuinely discreet, accurate and consistent way to dose Cannabis. So after extensive research and more than a year of studies, they launched a line of scientifically-backed transdermal patches.

Synergy’s process begins with full-spectrum, whole-plant extract. The extract is also known as RSO and is diluted and homogenized into the adhesive glue on the pressure-sensitive patch. As soon as you apply the patch and firmly press it onto your skin, the active cannabinoids and terpenes begin to enter the bloodstream by way of passive diffusion. Synergy’s water-resistant patches are time-released, offering a sustained dose of medicine for 24-36 hours. So unlike topicals which only work for spot treatment, transdermal patches provide whole-body effects. 

“It releases about 2mg per hour. What’s really cool about that is because it pushes through the skin, it has 100% bioavailability,” said Amanda Seybert, Lab Director at Synergy Skin Worx. “So that 2mg really goes a long way. It’s pretty similar to eating a 25mg edible every hour. It’s a great way to dose throughout the day.” 

The latest to the Synergy Skin Worx lineup is the Entourage patch. It contains THC, CBD, CBG, CBN and CBC. I was most excited to try this patch and was given a few tips by Production Manager Bob Hay on the best ways to apply it. “It’s a strong adhesive, and it might take hair off when you remove it, so avoid hairy areas. I wouldn’t put it on a pant line, or anywhere it might rub all day,” said Hay. “I usually use my shoulder area, or mid-chest, somewhere where it can lay flat against the body.” 

Seybert chimed in that it’s best to avoid tattooed areas as well, as the ink below the skin can interfere with absorption. She mentioned that some people like to put the patch on the soles of their feet because it is such a porous area that also offers discretion. 

Because the Synergy patches are easy to cut and use in any quantity you like, I cut the Entourage patch in half and placed the halves on the soles of my feet. I was curious to see if I would sleep through the night and wake up without any of the pesky neck or back pain that often greets me in the morning. While my pain wasn’t completely unnoticeable, I did sleep through the entire night and woke up feeling much less tense than usual and significantly more rested. I will be using these patches regularly.

You can find Synergy Skin Worx transdermal patches in most dispensaries throughout the state. If your favorite shop doesn’t carry them, let them know that they can become a retailer by reaching out through the website. 


THC – 48.58 mg (4.85%)
CBD – 24.09 mg (2.4%)
CBG – 3.59 mg 
CBN – 3.50 mg 
CBC – 3.29 mg

This article was originally published in the April 2022 issue of Oregon Leaf.

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