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Tattoo Salve

from Medicine Farm Botanicals

This salve is infused with medicinal herbs, flowers, roots and spices resulting in a clean and effective product.

Industry veterans Medicine Farm Botanicals have been crafting top-shelf topicals since 2015. Their four-person team has successfully launched over 30 products and has recently expanded its offerings into Colorado, as well as preparing to launch in California in the coming year. 

What makes Medicine Farm Botanicals’ products so effective? “A big part of my company ethos is providing clean, natural products that only incorporate the highest-quality medicinal botanicals,” says Owner Shane Patel. Using only full-spectrum extracts, rosin and live resin, Medicine Farms sources Cannabis from notable growers like Indigo Gardens and Fox Hollow Flora. Award-winning extractors like Willamette Valley Alchemy turn their Cannabis into the rich, golden oil infused into each of Medicine Farms’ products. 

It’s not just their Cannabis extracts that are top quality – their entire ingredient list adheres to their company ethics. Following an Ayurvedic protocol of harvesting locally, their product line is infused with medicinal herbs, flowers, roots and spices. In these all-natural infusions, you won’t find parabens, sulfates, mineral oils or artificial fragrances. “You could walk outside and gather all the ingredients needed to make Medicine Farm products; I strive to keep our products clean and effective,” says Patel.

When they first launched into dispensaries, Medicine Farm was ubiquitous with their Dragon’s Blend. The Tiger Balm of the weed world, this smooth salve worked quickly to alleviate physical discomfort and before long became a patient favorite. Over the years, Medicine Farm has worked to build its product line – expanding into lotions, bath soaking salts, lip balm and tinctures. 

One of their latest and most fabulous creations is their Tattoo Salve. Formulated with a THC, CBD and CBN cannabinoid profile, the salve is made with base oils like apricot and avocado, and infusions of soothing herbs like chamomile, comfrey and calendula. 

After a recent tattoo, I picked up a jar of Tattoo Salve to swap out with my regular after-care plan. Patel offered me care instructions and suggested I wait a couple of days after receiving the tattoo to begin using the salve. For anyone familiar with this stage of the healing process, you know that it’s when things get, well, itchy. Then, as the skin begins to dry and flake off, the urge to scratch takes over – but you’ve got to leave it alone or risk discoloration and scarring. 

With the first application, I knew that this would become my go-to after-care ointment. The salve is unscented (a must for tattoo care) and the texture is similar to a lip balm. Not greasy or messy, but smooth and easy to apply. I knew it was superior skincare when the itching seemed to stop right away. The dry tightness of my healing skin simply stopped being a bother, and rather than apply the new balm every couple of hours like I was used to, I only needed to apply Tattoo Salve twice a day. 

My new tattoo is on its way to total healing – both scab-free and complete with vibrant colors. My skin feels moisturized and it’s a credit to the significant role Tattoo Salve played. If you’re getting inked up anytime soon, do yourself a favor and grab this product for an entirely new experience with getting your skin back to good. 

THC:CBD:CBN | 150:100:50

This article was originally published in the May 2022 issue of Oregon Leaf.

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