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How To Clone Your Weed Plants

Make the cut with a sharp non-serrated blade, and do so at a 45-degree angle to ensure plenty of rooting area.

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Choosing a medium in which to root your cuttings is the first step for cloning your weed plants. As long as it stays moist, warm, and airy, pretty much any one will do – Soilless Mix, Rockwool, Soil Plugs, Coco, or Perlite.

Cloning Tools:

Sharp non-serrated blade or razorblade
Propagation tray and clear plastic dome
Electric heating pad (propagation mat)
Preferred medium (rockwool, soil mix, coco coir, etc.)
Rooting hormone (gel or powder)
Fluorescent lighting
pH-balanced (6.0–6.5) mild nutrient solution
Thermometer/ hygrometer

Because cannabis cuttings root best in warm conditions with high humidity, the cheap trays with clear plastic domes work remarkably well for cloning weed plants. In cool conditions, a heat mat should be placed underneath the trays to maintain optimum temperature and humidity (75 degrees Fahrenheit and 80 percent relative humidity is about right). No matter where and into what medium you plan to root your clones, keep warmth and high humidity on your priority list. Clones allowed to get cold or dry will perish quite quickly. 

Too much humidity can also cause mold and rot, so cut a hole or two in your clear plastic dome to allow some air movement and circulation. Choose a growing shoot with at least three sets of leaves and make the cut just below a node (the place where the leaves meet the stem). Make the cut with a sharp non-serrated blade, and do so at about a 45-degree angle to ensure plenty of rooting area. Trim off the closest set of leaves to your cut so that you can get the stem into your medium.

Immediately immerse the cut end into rooting hormone and then firmly but gently push the cut end into your pre-moistened rooting medium. Some people like to rough up the bottom inch or so of the stem with the knife gently to create more roots, but it’s not absolutely necessary. Within 8–14 days, you should see white roots poking out of the bottom of your chosen medium. You are now ready to transplant the rooted clones into their bigger containers for the vegetative stage of growth. 

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