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Dabbing Accessories

If you're looking to upgrade your dabbing setup, the Leaf offers three accessories that will improve your experience.

Photo by Ryan Sanetel

Whether looking to increase the functionality of your dabbing or decrease the likelihood of damage to your rig, there are numerous options for upgrading and accessorizing your concentrate setup. And thankfully, there are many products that won’t break the bank. 

Dab Mat

A relatively inexpensive yet highly important accessory for the safety of your glass, dab mats come in all shapes, forms and customizations. Providing a safe surface for your rig may seem unessential if you are handling it with care, but after years of not using one, we have come to the realization that scratching to the bottom of the piece can definitely occur. Dab mats will keep your rig in place and minimize the mess sticky concentrates can leave behind. Both glass artists and brands alike are designing new mats and selling them locally and online, making it easier for the end consumer to have the perfect dab mat to accentuate and protect their setup.

Bubble Cap

The bubble cap is a classic for a reason. Helping you spin the extracts around the banger directionally with optimum control of where your extract slides, many people have adopted this form due to the minimal use of tools and additional accessories. Having been dabbing for years now, I can confidently say that bubble caps are a simple and functional addition to any dabbing setup.

Terp Jar

Some of us have grown accustomed to the newly recyclable gram containers that our concentrates come in, but there’s a wide world of options for upgrading in this arena. Many acclaimed glass artists are also making jars that are worth checking out for styling up your storage options. This one was picked up from @ericlawglass, featuring a clear window for viewing on the bottom and a string of glass operating as a seal to the metal lid. You can find these types of jars in all different shapes and sizes, varying in price from around $25 and up. 

Photos by @ryan_sanete

This article was originally published in the July 2022 issue of All Magazines.

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