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The Leaf’s Edible Life Hacks For The Modern Stoner

Get more out of your edibles with four simple hacks from Leaf Magazine!

In many Cannabis markets across the United States, the dosage cap for edibles often seems to scoff in the face of the medicinal food and beverage movement that helped create so many of the names we know today. So, what do you do if you want something with more THC than what’s available on the shelf? We’ve come too far now to go back to making questionably-dosed brownies in our kitchen, and not everyone wants to learn the art of cooking with Cannabis. But there are a ton of hacks – and even some products out there – that will help you transform your favorite edibles into amazingly potent “haute cuisine.” Below, you can find four suggestions for spicing up your edibles without becoming a Michelin Sensi-Star chef.

One classic example is a dessert I learned about in Europe in the early 2000s called a Yogi. All you need is some hash, some oil, and a single-serving carton of yogurt. Head to your local shop and ask for some melty bubble hash, place about one third to one half of a gram into a spoon with a bit of coconut or cooking oil, and heat the bottom until they melt into one mixture (alternatively, you can warm them up in a ramekin). Then drop that into your cup of yogurt, stir, and eat up. At first, you’ll wonder if it’s even working, but after a couple hours in … get ready for a beautiful ride that can last half the day. 

If you’re looking for something a little fancier, how about something I worked up by accident? Called the Canna-Potta, this take on a classic Italian dessert usually calls for two thirds to a whole bag of gummies per serving. Take your gummies and place them into a muffin top tin. Let them melt at 95 degrees on a lower rack for two to three minutes, or until they become one solid disc. Heat gelatin powder, heavy cream, salt, sugar and vanilla bean extract together. Whisk well, then let cool and pour into cups. Pop everything into the fridge to chill for at least four hours, then place that high-powered confection on top and bon appetit.

Have you ever tried a tincture milkshake? One of the benefits of the Cannabis beverage explosion has been the increase of delicious, large-dose mixers in a wide array of flavors on the market. It’s a misnomer that beverages must be low-dose, and a good tincture can work solo or in tandem with a Cannabis beverage. For example, stopping by your local store and tossing 200mg of Mango tincture in with some blueberries, vanilla ice cream and coconut milk makes for an incredible afternoon (you can pour them into two glasses, but we can’t guarantee you’ll share). Up your level by topping it with your favorite canna-drink.

Want something a little simpler, but with almost no end to the possibilities? Look no further than RSO. Also called Full Spectrum Oil, by adding a drop the size of a grain of rice to something like buttered toast, you can achieve a similar effect to a handful of treats – or even transform a gummy into a supercharged edible. When consuming THC, it’s important to remember it’s lipid-soluble, meaning it will need to bond with fat to produce that wonderful experience. Now, who’s ready for a 50mg fried peanut butter and banana sandwich?

There’s no telling what new ideas you might get the next time you’re checking out the edible section at a dispensary! If you come up with something fun, tag Leaf Magazines and let’s share the culinary creativity.

This article was originally published in the December 2022 issue of All Magazines.

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