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California Deputies Seize 500,000 Untaxed Plants, $10M

An 18-month investigation has led to the seizure of 37.6 tons of marijuana and more than $10 million in cash

Indiana Man Gets 12 Year Sentence For Fake Marijuana

Don’t ever get caught with K2 in the state of Indiana. Especially don’t get charged with dealing it.

90% Of Maine Towns Still Don’t Allow Adult-Use Weed Sales

Across the state, only 47 of about 500 cities and towns in Maine allow adult-use Cannabis retailers

Congresswoman Opposes Legalization; Owns Pot Stocks

GOP Rep. Virginia Foxx’s record shows she opposes legalization. But that doesn’t stop her from cashing in on pot stocks.

Thousands Apply For Expungement of Arizona Pot Arrests

Despite the surge of expungement applications in Arizona, most eligible (up to 500,000 of them!) haven’t done so yet

Oregon Unlicensed Marijuana Grows Raided; 14 Arrested

Yes, there are pot raids, even in legal states. And Oregon had a big one, with 1,400 pounds and 9,000 plants seized

Man Busted Growing Pot Says ‘I Don’t Trust Drug Dealers’

A West Virginia man told the cops “he grew the marijuana plants because he didn’t trust drug dealers“

More Than 70% of New Jersey Cities Ban Pot Shops

They call this legalization? More than 70% of New Jersey communities have opted out of the legal marijuana industry

California Supreme Court: Inmates Can’t Possess Weed

The ruling overturns a lower court which found prisoners could have marijuana as long as they didn’t consume it

Marijuana Decriminalization Law Takes Effect In Louisiana

A law signed in June by Gov. John Bel Edwards took effect on August 1, decriminalizing up to a half-ounce of marijuana

Los Angeles Deputies Seize $1 Billion In Untaxed Marijuana

Los Angeles-area Cannabis consumers may actually have to go to licensed dispensaries and pay taxes on their weed

Oklahoma Court Ruling Keeps Smell-Based Weed Searches

Bad news for Cannabis patients in Oklahoma: The smell of marijuana is still considered probable cause to search

Mexico Supreme Court Strikes Down Cannabis Prohibition

The ruling means that marijuana use and possession are legal in Mexico, as the country waits on a new law

Clarence Thomas Says Federal Marijuana Laws Outdated

The US Supreme Court last upheld marijuana prohibition in 2005, and declined to hear a case last year

Only Two New England States Still Prohibit Cannabis

Holdouts Rhode Island and New Hampshire are looking more and more like lonely backwaters of prohibition

New Bill Would Revolutionize Federal Drug Policy

The Drug Policy Reform Act would end criminal penalties for drug possession at the federal level

Atlanta Cops Nab 174 Pounds Weed On Flight From Seattle

An Atlanta Airport Drug Interdiction K9 alerted officers to suitcases unloaded May 26

Life For Marijuana In Mississippi: Draconian Sentence Upheld

This is why we fight Cannabis prohibition.