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Episode #131 – I’ll See It When I Believe It

When you really put your mind to understanding the human psyche, you’ll see that it is easily manipulated. There’s no denying the obvious–that if you reinforce a concept to curious individuals with the right recipe of conviction, you are sure to make an impression. In fact, they may even become thoroughly convinced that what you’re pitching is going to improve their life eternally. No matter how severely impossible something may be due to the limitations of logic and physics, it will not be deemed a factor once their mind is determined. They will buy into your influence unconditionally, potentially transforming into zealots in pure defense of this information. 

Information, it could be maintained, may ultimately be to blame for the eventual downfall of our species. Because as big brains can defy common sense, small brains act entirely upon common sense. 

So, who is wiser, the man or the ant? But we’ve conquered the food chain, which allows us to live longer so it’s ridiculous to contend, right? Wait, who conquered the food chain? The dude planted on a ripped sofa wiping Taco Bell fire sauce on his pants playing World of Warcraft?

Lewis and Clark don’t think so. 

Anyway, as much as people think they dominate nature, the reality that we all face is that the bigger the brain, the more the questions will surface about who we are, what we’re doing, and why we exist. And for people who crave certainty, this poses an existential conundrum. People need to fill the gaps in their lives to feel complete, therefore, if you repeat something long enough, the illusion of truth is bound to take hold.

We are fucking gullible. And yes, many believe that Cannabis is primarily for dirty hippies, too. 

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