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Episode #149 – The Exploratory Davey Dabs

Davey Dabs was not an exceptional student. He did excel in chemistry, however. Fascinated with the investigation of how substances combine and change and the use of these processes to form new substances.

Much of his attention is directed towards the making of hash oil from a small garden of Cannabis plants he nurses with great detail in a grow tent in the garage. With Rachel the Ripper and the swashbuckling shatter brain Shane, he rents a house from Johnny Joints.

There is no annual increase on the rent, as Johnny Joints is quite content with receiving a portion of the harvest every time Davey Dabs produces delicious Colas from his favorite strains.

Once a portion of the flower is parceled to Johnny Joint, Davey Dabs then uses a proprietary method for creating homemade dabs for his gratifying consumption.

Hash oil, he will tell you, is an essential oil in and of itself. With the craft, you can create a swatch of sense-conscious wellness and autoimmune defense right in your own home.

The aura of Davey Dabs face when inhaling his own creation, is that a pure achievement. As if witnessing a world-class chef pass a perfected recipe past the tongue with eyes closed, as if summoning the approval of the ganja goddess herself. You’d swear he was in absolute enlightenment for at least 10 seconds.

It’s the calmest you will ever witness this peculiar, yet devoted man. Exploration into discovery is to embrace the human spirit, he believes. And although he’s taken 1000s of dabs, he will humbly attest that the perfect one has yet to be achieved.

It is what keeps him pioneering. This he will tell you before standing from his upright seated position. He will then rise and cross the living room from the dab bar to the record player. He will then pull Led Zeppelin from the sleeve and place it onto the turntable, lower the needle and twist the volume knob to Level 9.

But instead of spinning the record on its traditional clockwise motion, with one finger he slowly turns it backward and attempts to decipher the lyrics as if they’ve been deliberately sung to lead the inquisitive listener on a hunt to uncover an encrypted message.

“This is backward masking,” says Davey Dabs.

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