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Episode #150 – The Purse Purse

Ladies, you’ve got it all figured out. All Hell could be breaking loose, but so long as you’re armed with that imperative satchel that keeps your vitals accessible, you’ll always be ready for the world. This is your most necessary accessory, accentuating the confidence that proves you’re an irreplaceable badass.

And one purse is not enough. Only one cannot ensure your command of any room’s attention. Because with reasons and seasons in constant flux, your ability to adjust to any given outing is critical for your interchangeable persona that presents your unavoidable qualities to the scrutinizing public.

In your woman cave, there hangs the quiver of handbags that typify extensions of your character–different exciting versions of you that either offers cohesion or contrast with the varying surroundings. Sometimes you will blend, other times create a distinction to an otherwise bland landscape. Either way, these carryalls help you to turn super into superlative. And when it’s time to turn things up, like the stitching in and of itself, your look is seamless.

It is usually with great intention that this wing-thing is chosen as if each was specially designed for your evolving moods. It exemplifies your womanly power, completing the statement that you’re always intending to make. It is the cherry that perfects the sundae. The rabbit in the moon. Mona Lisa’s smirk.

Like her, you hold your mysteries close. And should anyone attempt to ambush you into divulging the wondrous secrets that are yours alone, the lips will slightly pucker while the stunned onlooker futilely wonders how to tap the hidden spring that spouts your charm.

What lies inside this clutch is part of that mystery–the perfect shade of lipstick, the dramatic mascara, a feminine product. But almost more importantly, the cartridge of vaporizable oil lights the wick to the roman candle that explodes into the eager night, sprinkling your unique stardust into the otherwise flat black sky.

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