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Episode #158 – Boogers Are Influential

The finger reaches into the hole.

And why not? Although this appendage often sits idle, like an old motor, it is a tool best maintained with regular use. And as the subconscious wanders into aimless thought while tediously inching through rush hour traffic, the instinct directs the fingernail toward an accessible area of the anatomy in need of grooming. Sure, this exercise serves some low-level maintenance to the nostril, but at the same time, there is an element of achievement in withdrawing that coagulation of dirt and snot from the inverted cavern as if excavating something valuable.

Like a gold nugget.  

There’s a reason why they call it digging for gold instead of digging for coal, you know. And it’s because of this sense of reward by producing something that is sustainably harvested and interesting to look upon.

You’ve manufactured a prize from your own body. A toy of sorts. Something to play with by rolling it between the fingers to create the perfect little musket ball for the most accurate flick. Or, maybe you didn’t roll it at all, but slid it off the flat mantle like a shifted tectonic plate, with the intention of sailing it into the distance in hopes for a good twist in trajectory, as if whirling a frisbee into the warm summer air.

You find value in this lone confetto—a personal token of celebration for the miracle of life. And this is the proof that you are alive. A booger, however immaterial it may seem, is of the highest significance. It is there to remind you that the system is fully functional–that the body is in pure working form, curing itself, keeping you optimal–a true symbol of your existence. You have spent countless hours over the course of your life with these little treasures, having grown accustomed to the daily practice of preening.

In fact, it could be argued that this was the precursor to learning how to roll a joint.

Or pinching a nug.

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