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Episode #196 – The Stratagem of Davey Dabs

Wisdom is never bought and sold but gained through participation. One must have experienced events which allow us to draw context that is then utilized for delegating from a position of better understanding. For most, this comes sparingly through the routine of daily life, but then there are some who thrust themselves purposefully into dynamic situations, in search of the insight that fills the well with context.   

One of these participants is Davey Dabs. 

In his unique stratosphere of logic, that which fluctuates between the enlightened space of gratitude and unfathomable feats of stupidity, is an understanding that without involvement, life is a sequence of guesses and assumptions. And in his relentless pursuit of acquiring knowledge, he is humbled by the fact that no man has ever triumphed at every attempt made for success. “Wins and lessons,” he likes to punctuate to those who naysay his process. “There are no losses,” he muses with the appearance of a younger, fatter, browner Moses. “There’s not a CEO in this country who hasn’t failed at least once in life.”

But what is the measure of success for someone like Davey Dabs? It’s tough to say since his friends often feel unease when in his presence. And his parents will tell you that he is the most unpredictable child they’ve ever seen. Because with his constant flux of extremes–from calm to storm–it’s nearly impossible to get an accurate gauge on his reality. 

Which is exactly Davey Dabs’ strategy. 

Some try to apply the label of bipolarity. But that’s the common diagnosis for those who haven’t the insight to peer beyond medical journals and into the mind of a man with unprecedented curiosity. Which is exactly why they don’t “get” him. To “get” Davey Dabs, one must think outside the parameters of what is considered normal. His life is a work of art. And to create the masterpiece he is living; it is accepted that boundaries must be tested. 

One example was to eat a Costco Chicken Bake infused with 1000 milligrams of RSO. He then vaporized a two-gram rosin dab and simmered in a sauna for 45 minutes without hydration.

Davey Dabs is now a vegetarian.

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