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Episode #200 – Objects Don’t Object

Do you ever find yourself having a conversation with something that is incapable of responding? The answer is yes. We all do it because we will never be judged by it. 

It’s a way of talking to yourself without the guilt of not admitting that you might be loony. Like, no one can prove you’re nuts if you’re working toward solutions by directing your attention at something that is visible rather than invisible. Who cares how you come to the answers; you just need your existential concerns addressed. 

And no, air does not qualify. Nor does God. Air is too thin, and God is not listening. He’s busy dealing with prayers. Get in line. 

There’s a sane quality about people we consider on the fringe of madness who publicly display their inner conflict. Because for those of us who think we’ve got our shit together by seeing a therapist, the joke is on us as those sessions aren’t cheap. So, whatever method you employ to peel away the layers is for no one else to criticize. Everybody has their methods for coping, and if it’s directed toward a tree swaying in the breeze, so be it. 

Good for you.

Does it count if it’s a cutout of a person?


We all have our level of whack. 

Something I’ve learned through years of paying for my brain to be shrunk is that the best medicine for anxiety and stress is to just get it out in whichever process you deem most effective. The emotions that are harboring in your psyche need to be freed and overpaid psychoanalysts aren’t for everyone. So, whether you’re talking directly into a mirror, or expressing yourself in arm flailing gestures at the local traffic intersection, purging is healthy for the mind. 

I talk to my weed. And then it responds. 

And the words drip with compassion. 

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