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Episode #215 – An Impressive Turd

They say that beauty is in the eye of the beholder. So, it’s safe to say that everything possesses some degree of charm because what one person thinks is ugly another may see as lovely.

Dogs are a great example. Let’s be real, some Pug faces resemble a cow patty. And even though we are aware that it is not pretty, it triggers an increase in our oxytocin levels because it resembles, to some degree, a fuzzy-faced baby. And babies are instinctively always cute through the human lens because we have admiration for innocent new life.

Everything is beautiful in its own way.

Even poop.

I’m not talking about someone seeing an outline of the Virgin Mary in the toilet bowl. It’s more about finding wonder in the majesty of all nature’s creations. And even though it is stinky, especially when coming from an unbathed hippie, doo doo can still have aesthetic value.

And speaking of dogs, there’s a reason why they are so darned interested in the nuances of scents that characterize how well your meals are being treated by your organs. To them and most mammals, a stunningly healthy dropping makes them wanna be best pals.

Every animal, to some degree, inspects their waste, right? It’s instinct. The turd is a barometer of health, a clue to the inner efficacy of the digestive system. Because just as a geologist studies rocks for indications of the unknown, this is the closest probe a person can get into how the body is processing energy without having to go under for an uncomfortable colonoscopy.

Now, not all examples of excrement are worthy of critical recognition, but occasionally, sometimes when you least expect it, one comes out looking downright handsome.

Admit it.

And next time you feel cheated on the bag of weed you brought home, try to remember that even though it reminds you of diarrhea, it’s a hell of a lot better than constipation. 

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