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Episode #236 – Fake Love (Rewrite of Episode #75)

The universe is ever-evolving. Change is constant. Therefore, as energy continues to manifest everywhere, we, too, transform. It is this energy that connects everything. But everything does not evolve in the same way. And although it is still evolution, some things devolve. And sadly, as the de-evolution of human connection seems to endure at the behest of advancing technology, so goes love.

This is evidenced through the over-commercialization of love that subtly diminishes its indescribable joy by convincing us that a man’s purpose is fulfilled when he identifies a wife for life. And to prove that commitment, he must reward his soulmate with an expensive token that symbolizes their devotion. Love has been manufactured and packaged, over-simplified, and marketed as a reward for being responsible rather than a reward for being alive.

The words “I Love You” have become more of a convenient reassurance to a couple’s conversation. It is sort of another way to say, “We’re good, you have nothing to worry about,” and there may be some “lovemaking” if everyone plays their cards right. But where that last thing that is supposed to mean what it was actually called, “making love,” for most relationships, it is simply maintenance that ensures the other party won’t expect any drastic surprises that could result in some major life changes.

It simply says that we’re cool, we are still sharing a bed.

Love has become more of a notion than an emotion. A concept rather than a concert. A calculation rather than communication.

But for those of us who have been fortunate enough to experience true love—the obsessive fluttering of enchantment, the impatient lather of fervor–you know that this vibrance is unrivaled by any emotion encountered in the human experience.

I love Cannabis. And it has never expected a diamond as proof. 

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