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Episode #272 – The Salad That Changed Everything

A handful of times in your life, an event will occur that creates a personal shift and reorganizes your priorities. It is these clear moments of revelation that procure the cornerstones you will one day harken back to, as the rare incidents almost always happen when you are subconsciously ready, but unsuspecting. In an instant, your mind is determined, from opinion to absolute fact, an unequivocal understanding of how your belief system is quantified. What takes place is an utter recalibration of your mindset. And that it caught you completely by surprise is the crux of the magic that makes it so much more imperative, and rightfully your destiny.

It could be anything. It’s that split second spark when a woman sees the nerd through a renewed lens, knowing resolutely that he, with his buck teeth and unattractive reading glasses, is the chosen partner for life and the father of her offspring. Or it’s the epiphany of the man who relinquishes the ego in discovery of the wisdom that true happiness is gained by not holding onto an idea that fuels years of regret, but instead letting go of unfulfilling thought patterns that never served his higher purpose. Or it is the succulent tomato on a crisp bed of dewy lettuce with the perfect tang of dressing at the perfect juncture, that which opens a secret passageway to a level of appreciation that lied dormant in your awareness before that very moment of information insight.

These episodes are personal discoveries that enrich your existence. We are to store them inside of our DNA so that the improvement in instinct is retained in future generations. This is the essence of human evolution.

Kind of like the first time you got high.

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