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Episode #104 – Star Trek and Roswell

Television has influenced our daily lives in so many ways. A great example can be credited to a sci-fi treatment that playfully envisioned our future where space exploration was made easy through imaginative devices like the flip phone, automatic sliding doors, and laser guns. So, we are indebted to Star Trek for imagining the first iterations of these luxuries that hadn’t previously existed and have now become commonplace essentials in today’s technology driven world. And how about a virtual High Three Vulcan salute to the studly, mild-mannered geek writers whose creative visions brought these innovations to life!

Wait, was that oxymoronic?

I’ve been called worse. Like stonermoronic.

But Hollywood hasn’t been the only source of inspiration for the advancement of laziness as there are speculations out there in the land of conspiracies that Roswell was a windfall for technological advancement. Was this also a script, or real life? You see, these theorists propose that fiber optics were aboard that mysterious flying Frisbee that happened to abruptly crash in a barren stretch far from the lights of any city in New Mexico in the late 1940’s. Because the fact that we went from black and white TV to blowing satellites across the moon within a mere 20 years seems to be a suspicious windfall for these questioners of authority.

And you’re probably thinking, “Why would the government cover it up, you Quack?” Well, I will answer that question with another question. “Why did they suddenly admit in the middle of a pandemic more than 70 years later, with little fanfare, that UFOs actually do exist?”

In fact, I would put a hundred bucks that there is at least one person out there who believes that it was the Star Trek Enterprise that barreled down into that dessert after being pipped in the propulsor by a Klingon’s directed weapon of electromagnetic radiation.

Hey, I think I just came up with a new name for a strain of weed

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