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Episode #108 – Wasting Time



It’s an oxymoron, actually, because it is impossible to waste time if you are here and experiencing life. The fact that you are actively conscious means that you are utilizing the energy that motors your body to gain experience. Therefore, the time is not wasted at all, but in fact utilized. And further, how can you waste something that is free? If you gave nothing to get it, then you are entertaining yourself with something that you did not have before you began.

But time is a concept–a construct of our imagination, not a tangible asset in a physical sense. Therefore, it is impossible to waste.

In fact, the word “waste” is only a figure of speech. So, figuratively speaking, to waste time is to do something that does not uphold the value of the expectation that was set to optimize the moments of life you have. And there are many ways to frivolously attend to your life. Like wondering what someone else is doing with their time.

Let’s take Thom Yorke, for instance. He’s the singer for the band Radiohead. I wonder what he is doing right now. Is he on the phone? Is he on the toilet? Is he taking a bong hit? All three maybe? But what does it matter if he is not in my presence and why am I spending my precious time wondering, time I can never reclaim?

It’s arguably wasteful, but not a waste. Kind of like a box in bubble wrap inside of another box that’s inside of another box with Amazon packing tape striped around it. And what’s inside of the first box is a thumb drive. Like was it necessary to quadruple pack that bastard? It’s wasteful, but not a waste because you received the necessary item.

People are stupid.

Shit, I just wasted my time making that comment.

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