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Blunted Budtender Jason Garrett of Stem Haverhill

"My favorite way to consume will always be flower rolled into a cigarillo, AKA a blunt."

29-year-old Haverhill, Massachusetts resident Jason Garrett has been a part of the Stem team since before they even opened their doors. For months, the crew took classes on Cannabis while waiting for the CCC (Cannabis Control Commission) to catch up with the coronavirus going on. Jason’s interests are traveling for live music and art collection, such as high end limited edition pins, paintings and pendants. 

How did you get involved with Cannabis and what does it mean to you?

I got involved in Cannabis at a young age, just recreationally with my friends, being wild fun kids. Eventually, with complications to my health as a result of my Type 1 Diabetes, I became a medical user – so you could say that Cannabis has had two uses in my life.

How do you approach helping customers? What are some of the questions you ask to help determine what the best products are for them?

I approach every customer in a fun and educational way. I want them to have a great experience and leave feeling like they not only had all of their questions answered, but also that they had a fun experience and found their new local joint! Some questions I like to ask are, ‘How do you want to feel?’ or ‘What tastes and smells do you like?’ – and our favorite, ‘How are you today?’

What’s your favorite way to consume and favorite strains/varieties?

My favorite way to consume will always be flower rolled into a cigarillo, AKA a blunt. I love concentrates too, such as a live sugar from GTI or live resin from Nature’s Heritage, but I’ll never leave flower alone. I do have a huge love for my glass pieces, too. There’s nothing out there like a really good bong rip.

What are the qualities that make a good budtender?

First and foremost, you have to care and listen. You need a true passion for this industry to keep you motivated, and of course, so you can product-test to be able to give your true opinions. Also, be genuine. That’s what makes people come back. They feel you knew information they needed, led them to great products and had a fun, respectable visit all at the same time! Last – patience! You never know why people are coming in or what happened to them that day. Sometimes a little extra patience will go a long way to helping them get everything they need.

What’s the best thing about working in Downtown Haverhill?

The best thing about working downtown is the growing culture and history. I’ve lived in Haverhill for 25 years and seeing it grow the way it has been recently is amazing. We work in a building that used to be the Sons of Italy – a major part of downtown. I’ve worked at restaurants and other places close by, so to be able to work in a dispensary in the heart of so much culture is just amazing!

What are your recommendations for first-time Cannabis users?

I would suggest simply some good flower out of a glass bowl, with some friends in a safe environment! Maybe a little Durban Poison – something motivating with a great taste and smell. I call it my ‘clean my house’ strain. For someone trying to stay away from smoking, a gummy and a funny movie is the perfect way into Cannabis! I actually have a 72-year-old lady who came in and said, ‘I’m 72! I’ve never smoked a day in my life! Now that it’s legal, I’m ready to try it!’ She comes in every couple weeks for her pack of gummies, now very happily.

Address: 124 Washington St, Haverhill, MA 01832

Phone & Web: (978) 212-9760 | stemhaverhill.com | @stemhaverhill

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This article was originally published in the June 2021 issue of Northeast Leaf.

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