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Budtender of the Month: Kevin on 11

“I noticed how much room for growth and improvement there is in the Cannabis industry.”

Kevin Kinsella has worked at the same register from day one at Nature’s Care and Wellness, leading to his nickname “Kevin on 11.” He never thought when he started that he would get the level of notoriety that he has at the store. He was Employee of the Month at his store in April and won a Grow West sales contest. Feeling an immense amount of support from his coworkers gives Kevin pride in his job and enables him to put his best foot forward every day. Next time you’re in Nature’s Care and Wellness, be sure to ask for Kevin on 11!

Is the Cannabis industry different than you expected it to be?
When I first entered the industry, it felt a little overwhelming. Now that I’ve been in it for a while, I can see how change is coming. At first, I felt like a little fish in a big ocean, but as I kept learning and working here, I noticed how much room for growth and improvement there is in the Cannabis industry. 

What puts a smile on your face?
My job and making people’s day puts a huge smile on my face. Every day, little things like bringing people happiness are what make me happy. I recently picked up playing golf too, so I’ve been getting on the course more lately. 

Are you a big dabber?
You know what’s crazy? I’m not. I’m a huge flower guy, actually. I will dab here and there, but I really don’t want my tolerance to get too high. 

Can you see yourself in the Cannabis industry long term?
Thinking about it, I’m still in my learning phase right now. If I keep learning more and more, I will feel a higher level of confidence skyrocketing into other positions. But currently, I am more than happy talking about the product and working on a customer-focused level to build relationships with the people who come into the store.

What do your parents think about Cannabis?
My mom is the opposite of what I am for Cannabis; she would always get anxious whenever she tried it. She fully respects the medical aspect and what I do for work. My dad, on the other hand, has been getting more into it over the years. He told me about him and his friends on a fishing trip in Canada sitting around the campfire smoking joints. I’m dying to get out there with him.

If you could smoke with any celebrity who would it be and why?
For a celebrity who’s alive, I’d have to say Snoop Dogg, which would probably be anyone’s first choice. Also, Wiz Khalifa has a contagious laugh, so I’d love to smoke with him. For a celebrity that is no longer with us, I’d have to say Tupac, just so we could have a conversation.

About Wyatt Early

Wyatt is a Maryland native, stoner by nature, obsessor of hash rosin. After getting his start in the printing industry with a family company, he took on the role as state director for Maryland Leaf, and frequently contributes to the magazine with photos and articles.

This article was originally published in the July 2024 issue of Maryland Leaf.

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