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Laura Lowe of Positive Energy

"I hope to combine my love for Cannabis with my love for my honeybees."

Positive Energy is Laura Lowe’s “second family” where she feels empowered working for a female-owned and operated business! Working there has allowed her to blossom as a person and become the most authentic version of herself, for which she is forever grateful. In addition to the many friendships she has made at Positive Energy, she also considers Cannabis to be a lifelong friend – helping her to combat the grief of losing loved ones and fight cancer. “I feel if I did not have Cannabis to help me decompress, I would still be in the grieving process,” says Laura.   

From patient to budtender, what influenced you to make the switch?

When I was hired at Positive Energy in November of 2018, it was a time in my life where I needed a change. I had been working in the social services field for many years and was burnt out. I had recently completed radiation for cervical cancer and lost my mom after a long battle with breast cancer. I remember thinking to myself … well, it’s now or never. I walked into Positive Energy and saw Denise smiling at the front desk. I remember saying, ‘Denise, any chance you are hiring?’ She said, ‘Not right now, but I will take your resume and let you know if we do.’ A month later she called me, and the rest is history. Looking back now I am so thankful I made the switch and Positive Energy gave me this opportunity!   

What made you want to start using Cannabis medicinally?

When the medical program came to Maryland I felt, number one, I needed to be legal after I had been looking over my shoulder for years, and number two, I wanted to be involved in something I truly believed in. Being able to control the medicine I am getting, as opposed to not knowing, is a huge deal for me. I love being able to go to the dispensary and choose which medication is right for me and my individual needs.   

In what ways have you used Cannabis to combat symptoms of cancer and its treatments?

Cancer treatments are exhausting – and with the anxiety you feel from the fear of the unknown, insomnia is a huge deal. During treatments I used RSO to help me sleep, which allowed my body the time it needed to repair itself. I also used flower and topicals. The main issue for me now is scar tissue that I was left with after radiation. There are many days where my hips ache at the end of the day. I feel topicals are one of the products on the market that do not get the hype they deserve. I often get immediate relief and although it may not be long lasting, it helps in the interim while I unwind and smoke flower. I also have been enjoying all these fabulous edibles that have flooded the market recently. They really do help alleviate the pain. 

Have you used Cannabis in your honey after harvesting?

In 2020, I experimented with a small hemp grow on our family farm. It was a great learning experience, and it allowed our family to work on a project and have a purpose during a time when there was so much uncertainty. After harvesting I used the flower to infuse my honey with CBD, and I gave that to friends and family. They tell me it helps them with joint pain and insomnia – so I’m happy it helps! I also use Cannabis to infuse my honey as well, but that is only for personal use of course (laughs).     

What is something unexpected about the industry that you have come to realize?

This industry has changed so much just in the three years I have been working here. I have come to realize Cannabis is used by all walks of life – from the youngest patient being a toddler to the oldest patient in their 90s. I love how this industry unifies us. We are all medical Cannabis patients.   

Growing up, did you ever think the Eastern Shore would have dispensaries and medical Cannabis grows?

Growing up on the Eastern Shore there was such a stigma on Cannabis. The older people called it ‘dope.’ Little did they know, dope is not Cannabis! We have been able to educate the elderly population to realize this is a true medication. That makes me feel like the Eastern Shore has come a long way. This industry is so beneficial to our area. It has given many like me the opportunity to work in an industry they believe in.   

Where do you see yourself fitting into the industry 10 years from now?

Wow, that’s a great question. Above all, in 10 years I see myself healthy and happy! I will still be working at Positive Energy, helping and educating people about Cannabis. In my free time, I hope to combine my love for Cannabis with my love for my honeybees. My life goal is to have a small organic grow, infuse my honey and provide a premium product for the patients of Maryland.   

Photos by @t_odachowski

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This article was originally published in the December 2021 issue of Maryland Leaf.

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