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Shop Review: Zen Leaf Pasadena

At Zen Leaf, different forms of edibles are always in stock to make sure no one goes without their necessary medicine.

Zen Leaf has four locations in Maryland, including Pasadena, Elkridge, Towson and Germantown. The Pasadena location was previously known as Oceanside dispensary, but rebranded to Zen Leaf in August of 2022. Being under the Verano umbrella, you can expect to find a huge selection of their products at these stores across Maryland. The dedicated staff at this shop is extremely knowledgeable and familiar with their patient base, and always eager to answer questions for those new to medical Cannabis. Be sure to stop by when you’re in the Pasadena area for an elevated dispensary experience.

Setting and Vibe

Bringing a great combination of fancy dispensary vibes blended with a hometown feel, the employees at this store do a great job of making patients feel right at home. Bright and powerful display cases classily showcase the cornucopia of Cannabis products available, while smiling and giggling employees bounce around the store and keep things running smoothly. It’s always inspiring when you see people who truly love their work, and since happy employees make happy customers, the vibe here is a weed-infused win for everyone involved. 


Over 100 different options for flower were available during our visit, including a wide range of different product prices and potencies. They had hot new strains like Lemon Vuitton from District Cannabis and Grape Gummiez from Gage Cannabis. I was also excited to see a nice selection of Grow West flower on the menu, which I cannot get enough of when I find solid batches in dispensaries.


There is a concentrate product for everyone at this store, from live rosins to RSO and everything in between. For people who are new to concentrates, the staff is well equipped to help you dive into new strains and product types, as well as how to consume them. My favorite product on the menu was the Tarts live resin sugar from Grassroots.


Edibles are an extremely important part of the dispensary experience and to patients’ medication regimens. This store keeps a plethora of different forms of edibles in stock to make sure no one goes without their necessary medicine – with chocolates, gummies, hard candies, drink mixes and capsules on the menu (to name a few). Be sure to ask your budtender what their current favorite selections are to stay on top of Maryland’s ever-evolving edible game.

Product Review

Motorbreath Flower 14g Bag by Savvy Uncensored
37.86% Total Cannabinoid Content | 2.8% Total Terpenes
verano.com | @veranobrands

We love to see a big bag of nugs, and the Savvy Uncensored line is coming correct with 14 grams of fire. These nugs are advertised as untrimmed, but I found very little plant material attached to them, giving a real bang for your buck. Spicy gas is the best way to describe the smell when opening the bag, with a nice concentration of both myrcene and limonene. After burning a joint, I was in a relaxed and creative headspace – perfect for artistic endeavors of all kinds.

Photos by @errlywyatt

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Wyatt is a Maryland native, stoner by nature, obsessor of hash rosin. After getting his start in the printing industry with a family company, he took on the role as state director for Maryland Leaf, and frequently contributes to the magazine with photos and articles.

This article was originally published in the June 2023 issue of Maryland Leaf.

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