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The Leaf 2023 Impact List

The Leaf staff presents the 2023 Impact List, highlighting the people and companies changing the Cannabis landscape.

Tom Angell

Publisher and Editor, Marijuana Moment
As the creator and curator of the Marijuana Moment website and daily email newsletter, Tom Angell provides vital up-to-the-minute information for the Cannabis culture and industry. A 20-year veteran in the marijuana law reform movement, Tom has his finger on the pulse of pot policy and politics – and always links primary source documents. Politico called Marijuana Moment “One of the nation’s leading trackers of developments and news in the Cannabis industry,” largely due to Tom and his team’s timely, unique and unbiased approach to reefer reportage. 
marijuanamoment.net | @marijuanamoment | @thisistomangell
By Danny Danko

Ed Rosenthal

“The Guru Of Ganja,” Quick Trading Publishing  
A lifelong pot pioneer and activist, Ed Rosenthal’s massive contributions to Cannabis cultivation knowledge helped “Overgrow the Government.” Ed’s books, first published in 1981, and his grow column in High Times in the 1980s and ‘90s, enlightened many thousands of prospective pot farmers. As Tommy Chong said, “Ed holds the distinction of turning more people onto pot than Cheech and Chong.” Ed’s arrest and trials in the early 2000s galvanized the movement and he continues to release new grow books – with his recently revised “Cannabis Grower’s Handbook” being the definitive Cannabis cultivation guide.  
edrosenthal.com | @edrosenthal420
By Danny Danko

Dr. Amanda Reiman

David Thuman

Chief Knowledge Officer, New Frontier Data/Founder, Personal Plants
Northern California-based social ethnobotanist Amanda Reiman, PhD MSW, has been a Cannabis patient, advocate and educator for decades while pioneering the study of the therapeutic value of plants, earning her PhD from UC Berkeley. Dr. Reiman was the first to explore the use of marijuana as a substitute for alcohol and other drugs. Her groundbreaking work in the field of psychoactive plants and social science led to her founding of Personal Plants in 2020, with an emphasis on mindful consumption and a healthy lifestyle.  
mypersonalplants.com | @personalplants | @dr.amandareiman
By Danny Danko

Evan Nison

Founder and President, Nison Co.
Evan got his start in Cannabis law reform early on as a student in Ithaca, New York in 2008. He’s been active and effective ever since as the youngest member of the NORML National Board of Directors. In 2012 he founded Nison Co., and the PR and SEO agency has since become an industry stalwart – representing some of the biggest brands in bud. Marijuana Venture included Evan in their “40 under 40” and The Observer listed Nison Co. at the top of their “Cannabis PR Power List.” 
nisonco.com | @nisoncopr | @nis022
By Danny Danko

Senator Chuck Schumer

U.S. Senator 
A longtime supporter of Cannabis law reform, Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer, D-N.Y., is the highest-ranking pot proponent in Washington. He recently labeled federal legalization a top priority and joined Sens. Ron Wyden, D-Ore., and Cory Booker, D-N.J., to introduce the Cannabis Administration and Opportunity Act – a measure to decriminalize and deschedule marijuana. Chuck has also been a speaker at the NYC Cannabis Parade for the last three years, saying, “I’m proud to be the first Senate Majority Leader ever to say it’s time to end the federal prohibition on Cannabis and bring justice to so many Americans whose lives have been ruined by the War on Drugs.”
schumer.senate.gov | @senschumer
By Danny Danko

Robert “Baby Boi” Jeffrey

President, MassCann
Robert’s activism began as a volunteer at the Boston Freedom Rally, getting an inside look at local legalization efforts and events. As a medical marijuana patient, cultivator and educator, he became a member and then the director of MassCann – the decades-old nonprofit organization that puts on the rally. He was recently voted in as President of the embattled org and pledges to continue the fight, saying, “I’m hopeful that all the work done today will bring a better tomorrow for the community.” 
masscann.org | @robert_babyboi_jeffrey
By Danny Danko

Stephanie Landa

Founder and President, Freedom Grow 
Stephanie Landa knows firsthand the price paid by those who fell into the hands of law enforcement during the height of pot prohibition. It was during her five-year stint in federal prison for Cannabis cultivation when she learned the importance of money for prisoners to purchase essentials such as socks, stamps, clean drinking water, medicines, etc. She’s now the founder and current president of Freedom Grow Forever, an all-volunteer nonprofit organization that works directly on prisoner outreach to help them maintain their dignity while incarcerated and most importantly, regain their freedom.  
freedomgrow.org | @letfreedomgrow
By Danny Danko

Jeremy Silva

Founder, Build A Soil 
Over a decade ago, Jeremy Silva started Build A Soil in his Colorado garage with the dream of providing the best growing mediums and natural fertilizers, as well as educating people on the benefits of cultivating Cannabis in living soil. Since then, Build A Soil has become a mainstay in the “back to the future” growing movement that promotes no-till farming, cover crops, oxygenated compost teas and many more sustainable products and natural techniques. 
buildasoil.com | @buildasoil
By Danny Danko

Brian “Box” Brown

Cartoonist & Illustrator, Legalization Nation
Brian “Box” Brown wondered why legal Cannabis in his native Pennsylvania didn’t hold up to the stuff he found in his travels among other “legal” states. He decided to use his background in visual arts to create a relevant and sometimes scathing comic strip that depicts the pitfalls of over-regulation and consolidation in the licenced industry. Box speaks truth directly to power, simplifying complex topics into easy-to-digest cartoons. His Legalization Nation strip is now syndicated by Hearst Media’s King Features.  
boxbrown.com | @boxbrown
By Danny Danko

Eugene Monroe

Former NFL player, Founder of Heart Community
Chosen as the eighth overall pick in the 2009 NFL Draft, Eugene Monroe had a brief but eventful, seven-season career as an offensive tackle for the Jacksonville Jaguars and Baltimore Ravens. He was the first active player to publicly challenge league policy on Cannabis for pain relief and brain injury treatment in March of 2016, and also championed the plant as an alternative to highly addictive opioids. Monroe was also named chairman of the “Yes on 4” campaign that legalized Cannabis for recreational use in Maryland and formed Heart Community Capital to “build the leading Black-owned MSO.” 
heartcommunity.com | @eugenegreenmonroe
By Danny Danko

Fred “Fab 5 Freddy” Brathwaite

Joe Schildhorn/BFA.com Fab 5 Freddy

Director and Producer, Grass is Greener Documentary (Netflix)
Iconic hip-hop elder statesman, first host of Yo! MTV Raps, video director and Cannabis advocate, Fred Brathwaite has been at the cusp of major movements since the late 1970s. Better known as Fab 5 Freddy, he recently teamed up with former pot prisoner Bernard Noble and Curaleaf to create the social equity brand B Noble – drawing attention to the disproportionate impact of the drug war on minorities. His documentary film “Grass is Greener” further articulates the injustice and brutality of prohibition on disadvantaged communities. 
fab5freddy.com | @fab5freddy
By Danny Danko

Julio Zenil

Editor, Revista CÁÑAMO México/Event Producer, Expoweed México
Julio Zenil has been at the forefront of Cannabis legalization efforts in Mexico for many years and organized the first Million Marijuana March there 23 years ago. As the editor of Revista CÁÑAMO México and producer of the Expoweed México event, he educates the Spanish-speaking public and politicians on the medicinal and spiritual benefits of marijuana, as well as the excessive negative effects of global prohibition on the Americas. He’s also the founder of Museo del Cáñamo y la Marihuana de México and proprietor of Cañamo Shop – a Cannabis museum and hemp store in Mexico City. 
canamo.mx | @juleszengram
By Danny Danko

Garyn Angel

Founder and CEO, Magical Brands
A thought leader and entrepreneur in the Cannabis industry, Garyn Angel created Magical Brands to transform the way people perceive and use the healing flower. His first development, the Magical Butter machine, streamlines the extraction process and allows consumers to create their own infused Cannabis edibles. Their Magical Gummy Maker transforms extracts into delicious, easy-to-dose Cannabis gummies. The newest arrival, Magical Grow, is an AI-powered smart garden designed to simplify the process of cultivation. Altogether, Garyn Angel’s vision and innovation revolutionized home growing and processing for everyone.   
magicalbutter.com | @magicalbutter | @garynangel 
By Danny Danko

Luke Scarmazzo

As a young father who was sentenced to 22 years under the Kingpin Statute for operating a state-legal Cannabis dispensary in Modesto, Calif., Luke Scarmazzo immediately became a lightning rod for the emancipation and legalization movement. The Cannabis advocate worked from within the system to fight to end the harassment and imprisonment of people for the plant, and advocacy group The Weldon Project (run by Scarmazzo’s former prison mate Weldon Angelos) worked with the White House on commutation of his sentence. After more than 14 years in prison, Scarmazzo was finally freed and has since rejoined his family. He and Angelos’ Project Mission Green continue to fight for the rights of Cannabis consumers and for the emancipation of Cannabis prisoners. 
By Tom Bowers

Weldon Angelos

Founder, The Weldon Project & Project Mission Green
Advocate Weldon Angelos embodies the concept of impact, both in how he benefited from powerful people who advocated for him, and how he then passed along the power of that advocacy in his work for others. The music producer was sentenced to a mandatory minimum sentence of 55 years after a confidential informant testified that he possessed a weapon in the commission of a Cannabis sale – serving 13 years before pressure from his friend Snoop Dogg, other celebrities and high-powered politicians, led to a commutation of the remainder of his sentence. These days he’s a tireless advocate for law reform and clemency for Cannabis prisoners, founding both The Weldon Project and Project Mission Green. 
projectmissiongreen.org  |  theweldonproject.org  |  @weldonangelos
By Tom Bowers

Ricardo Baca 

Journalist, Founder of Grasslands
Ricardo Baca is one of the most widely respected ganja journalists in the game. As a 20-year industry veteran, he was appointed as the first-ever Cannabis editor of The Denver Post in 2013 and founded the news vertical The Cannabist before launching Grasslands in 2016. This “journalism-minded” marketing and PR agency based in Denver empowers brands in highly regulated industries, from Cannabis to psychedelics and spirits – earning him a spot on Fortune’s 7 Most Powerful People in America’s Marijuana Industry and Marketer of the Year by AdCann.
mygrasslands.com | @bruvs
By Katherine Wolf

Jackie Bryant 

Host of The Plant Lady Podcast, Managing Editor of San Diego Magazine
Based in California, Jackie Bryant is an acclaimed journalist, the managing editor of San Diego Magazine and host of The Plant Lady – a podcast about modern Cannabis culture. Her bylines in publications include everything from the New York Times to Harper’s Bazaar to Forbes and Cannabitch, as well as her very own newsletter with over 2,000 subscribers. A frequent panel speaker, moderator and judge at conferences and events – her unique voice touches every aspect of the industry.  jackiebryantwriting.com | @jacqbry
By Katherine Wolf


Justin L. Stewart The Weedmaps office in Irvine, CA. Justin L. Stewart/California Leaf

Move over, Google Maps – most stoners have the Weedmaps app on their phone, or have at least visited the desktop website. Launched back in 2008, Weedmaps was one of the first digital communities designed to connect Cannabis consumers and patients with retailers, doctors and brands. Today, with vast educational content and online ordering capability, Weedmaps has truly revolutionized the way tokers find, learn about and buy Cannabis products.
weedmaps.com | @weedmaps
By Katherine Wolf

Last Prisoner Project

The Last Prisoner Project was founded in 2019 by drug policy reform activist Steve DeAngelo, Cannabis entrepreneur Andrew DeAngelo, and music industry veteran Dean Raise. The organization was born out of the belief that no one should remain incarcerated for Cannabis offenses and focuses on three core criminal justice reform initiatives: release, record clearance and reentry support. LPP has given micro grants to over 300 constituents, matched over 80 with pro-bono attorneys through its Cannabis Justice Initiative, and been involved in freeing over 70 Cannabis prisoners nationwide.
lastprisonerproject.org | @lastprisonerproject
By Katherine Wolf

Cannabis Marketing Association

Founded by Lisa Buffo in 2016, the Cannabis Marketing Association is an industry trade group  with a mission to bring a positive perception to, and authentic understanding of, Cannabis and its consumers around the world. By supporting industry professionals through career resources, educational events and networking opportunities, the CMA has contributed to more approachable and informative marketing in the Cannabis space.
thecannabismarketingassociation.com | @cannamarketing
By Katherine Wolf

40 Tons

In 2013, Corvain Cooper was sentenced to life in prison for a nonviolent Cannabis offense while states across the nation began to decriminalize possession and personal use. He received a “winning lottery ticket” on the last day of Donald Trump’s presidency in 2021: clemency. After his release, Cooper along with his team Loriel and Anthony Alegrete, started 40 Tons with the sole purpose of fighting for social justice and diversity in Cannabis. In addition to their CPG line in California, New York and other states, the brand puts on career conferences, offers educational programs and mentorship, and has set up a foundation to help provide second chances for those who have been impacted by the War on Drugs to work in the legal industry. 
40tons.co | @40tonsbrand
By Katherine Wolf

Champs Trade Shows 

Mitch Manager

CHAMPS was the first trade show of its kind in the Cannabis industry, paving the way for modern-day events like Hall of Flowers (also mentioned on this list) and our very own Leaf Bowls! Since 1999, CHAMPS has been hosting annual trade shows in Las Vegas, Atlantic City, Denver, Orlando and Chicago – bringing together some of the most innovative brands, manufacturers, distributors and artists in the space. 
champstradeshows.com | @champstradeshows
By Katherine Wolf

Women Employed in Cannabis

Founded by Kyra Reed in 2017, Women Employed in Cannabis is a safe place for all women working with the plant to participate in the mission of creating a fair, just and equitable industry. With a Facebook Group to share resources and support as well as virtual networking events, in-person meetups, and “Women’s Lounges” at Cannabis conferences across the country, WEIC is working to create a more inclusive industry for the next generation of women in weed.
By Katherine Wolf


Sergey Nivens – stock.adobe.com

The National Basketball Association recently announced a revolutionary move allowing players to promote and invest in Cannabis companies – one that we can only hope other sporting leagues will soon follow. With Cannabis removed from the league’s drug testing program, players will no longer be penalized for personal use and will also be able to promote and invest in Cannabis companies. Talk about a slam dunk for stoners.
nba.com | @nba 
By Katherine Wolf

Jimi Devine

Journalist, Founder of Trans Bay Challenge
Bringing both the hype and the heat via bylines in every major pot publication and weed website, journalist Jimi Devine has emerged as one of the most popular and prolific voices in marijuana media in the past several years. In addition to his editorial endeavors, Jimi is also the man behind one of Northern California’s hottest new happenings: the Trans Bay Challenge – a one-day connoisseur Cannabis competition/party launched in the fall of 2019 and designed to determine the best bud in the Bay. 
jimidevine.com | @thejimidevine
By Bobby Black

Cannabis Media Council

Just formed in September 2022, the Cannabis Media Council is a nonprofit group comprised of an impressive roster of media, marketing and PR professionals from prominent publications, organizations and corporations whose mission is to foster a positive public perception towards Cannabis. Their inaugural campaign, entitled “I’m High Right Now,” targets older Americans with the message that contrary to the myths of harm, Cannabis can actually improve their daily lives.  
Cannabismediacouncil.com | @Cannabismediacouncil
By Bobby Black

The Emerald Cup

Nowadays referred to as the “Academy Awards of Cannabis,” the Emerald Cup started in 2004 as an underground sungrown Cannabis competition among the Emerald Triangle’s outlaw farmers. Run by founder Tim Blake and his daughter Taylor, the Emerald Cup has continued to set the standard for modern-day Cannabis competitions by enlisting the industry’s top experts as judges, establishing terpene profile-based judging subcategories, and honoring sustainable farming practices and legacy cultivators.
theemeraldcup.com | @theemeraldcup
By Bobby Black

Grassroots California

When it comes to the headiest of hats, there’s no topping the team over at Grassroots California. Founded by former real estate financier Ryan “Ruga” Connolly in 2008 as a passion project born out of his love for music, fashion and weed, the Denver-headquartered company quickly became renowned for their high-quality, custom-embroidered ball cap designs – including countless celebrity collabs and limited artist editions. Today, what began as a mere backpack trap on the Venice Beach boardwalk is a multi-million-dollar streetwear brand in 300 stores worldwide. 
grassrootscalifornia.com | @grassrootscalifornia
By Bobby Black

Ali Jamalian

Owner of Sunset Connect, Chairman of the San Francisco Cannabis Oversight Committee
Successful businessman, equity operator, Owner of Sunset Connect, Chairman of the San Francisco Cannabis Oversight Committee, and former plug for half of SF – these are all ways to describe Ali Jamalian. With 20+ years of experience, Ali is a rallying force for Bay Area Cannabis producers, dispensary owners and industry personalities alike. This year he helped gain national attention for the plight of Bay Area shop owners and dispensary workers who have seen a dangerous rise in armed robberies.
linkr.bio/sunsetconnect | @jahmillion415
By Matt Jackson

Anna Willey

Owner of CAM
In 2018, Anna Willey moved her brand CAM from Colorado to California. Since then she’s worked to cement the name and in 2022-23, she became the largest female Cannabis producer in the country when she activated a 2,000-light facility in Sacramento. In May, the company went multi-state by expanding into 30 Pharmacann stores in Colorado – where they first started. Her firm stance that price shouldn’t keep someone from access to quality is why the M in CAM still stands for Medicine.
camdispensary.com | @camstr007
By Matt Jackson

LaGanja Estranja

Advocate & Entertainer
Laganja Estranja is a transgender advocate for Cannabis use and LGBTQ rights. As a professional choreographer and dancer, she believes Cannabis motivates and challenges your creativity. Since first gaining national attention as a contestant on “RuPaul’s Drag Race” in 2014, she’s gone on to have appearances on “Bong Appetit,” “Now This” and “Getting High with Doug.” She’s also created education and outreach with her medicated dance classes, her World of Wonder show “Puff Puff Sessions,” and as co-host of the Twitch streaming series “Misters & Marys with Adam Ill.”
laganjaestranja.com | @laganjaestranja
By Matt Jackson

Montel Williams

Talk Show Host & Advocate
Famous for his daytime talk show, Montel Williams gives a voice to Cannabis patients all over the country. After being diagnosed with multiple sclerosis in 1999, doctors suggested Cannabis for pain in 2001. Williams has said it was the medicinal use of Cannabis, not traditional medications, that allowed him to continue the show until 2008. Since then, he’s spoken on behalf of patients in front of state legislatures, created his own brand of products, and started the informational show “Let’s Be Blunt.”
letsbebluntmontel.com | @montel_williams
By Matt Jackson


The largest Cannabis gathering in Europe, Spannabis is held yearly in the city of Barcelona. Twenty-five thousand people attended in 2023, traveling from over 50 different countries and uniting a worldwide passion for the plant. While the show has live music, food vendors, on-site tattooing and tons of prize wheels, there are also halls full of nutrient companies, accessory brands and seed vendors from around the globe. It’s estimated this year’s event had an over 8 million euro fiscal impact on the city.
spannabis.es/bcn/en/home | @spannabisbcn
By Matt Jackson

Hall of Flowers

Started in 2018, Hall of Flowers is a business-to-business event focused on presenting the latest offerings and innovations from the Cannabis industry. Over two days vendors present at their booths, interacting directly with dispensary purchasers and industry professionals, while the surrounding spaces are made into comfortable lounges to take meetings and sample products. In 2022, they opened up second-day attendance to budtenders. Since launching in Northern California, it’s expanded to include shows in Las Vegas and Toronto. 
hallofflowers.com | @hall_of_flowers
By Matt Jackson

Origins Council

In 2019, this Northern California-based nonprofit advocacy group was created to help promote legacy Cannabis farmers and the areas they live in. Key to their mission is establishing a nationally and internationally recognized map for regions that have a long history of producing Cannabis. They’ve developed partnerships in Massachusetts, Maine, Oregon and Vermont, as well as a regional council made up of six different counties in California. In 2023, they partnered with scientists, researchers and the Cannabis Equity Policy Council to launch a two-year study surrounding legacy Cannabis in California. 
originscouncil.org | @originscouncil
By Matt Jackson

Alice Reis

Alice Reis is the Brazilian Founder and CEO of Girls in Green Comunicações, one-half of Wooksauce Winery, and Content Manager at Weedmaps. Reis brings a background and passion for psychology and harm reduction – “the biggest pillar of Girls In Green” –  to the Cannabis space, all while casually crushing the concentrate scene from Cali to Spain. Her skills and perspective (from gardening to drug policy) have been gathered around the globe as one of a small group of women paddling and pressing their way to hash history.
@aliiiiiice | @girlsingreen710 | @wooksaucewinery
By Amanda Day

Mila “Hash Queen” Jansen

Inventor of the Pollinator
This royalty of the revolution didn’t just pave a path for women in hash – she led the march in modernizing mechanical separation methods with her invention of the Pollinator in 1994 – a move that would take timely, traditional hash techniques into a new era of dry sift automation. Some even say Jansen jump started the beloved coffee shop culture Amsterdam is so famous for when her fashion studio-turned-teahouse started attracting an atmosphere of global ganja visitors sharing hash from far and wide over cups of tea. These days, she’s keeping her crown polished by producing more equipment for mechanical separation methods and organizing events like Dab-A-Doo. All hail the queen! 
pollinator.nl | @milahashqueen 
By Amanda Day

Mary Pryor

Co-Founder of Cannaclusive, Owner of Sheba baby!
Mary Pryor is a “multihyphenate” making waves in the digital strategy, marketing and business side of Cannabis and hemp. Her portfolio includes New York brands like Tricolla Farms and Tonic CBD, and her very own Sheba baby! brand. Pryor has poured years into making space for more all-around inclusivity in Cannabis – as a co-founder of Cannaclusive, she helped create a network for accountability, outreach and advocacy. InclusiveBase is a tool for “collaboration and communication” that allows the community to find Cannabis-related products and services through a categorized and searchable database. 
@iammarypryor | @cannaclusive
By Amanda Day

Ellen Komp

Advocate & Author, Deputy Director of California NORML
Activist, author, advisor and all-around leader, Ellen Komp currently serves as the Deputy Director of California NORML. In the early ‘90s, Komp held rallies for hemp advocacy in LA that ran 20,000 strong. In the late ‘90s, she began her era as Deputy Director of Community Outreach and Communications at the Drug Policy Alliance. She’s authored articles in multiple major Cannabis publications and put out her own book, “Tokin’ Women: A 4,000-Year Herstory.” Komp was even acting editor on the ninth edition of the legendary book, “The Emperor Wears No Clothes” by Jack Herer. 
By Amanda Day

Doctors Knox

Endocannabinoid Specialists
This family of doctors is a pioneering force in Endocannabinology. With a diverse background in medicine (including Emergency, Anesthesia, Family, Integrative and Preventive), the talented Dr. Rachel, Dr. Jessica, Dr. David and Dr. Janice have been breathing hope into the healthcare scene. The Knox Docs are knocking down barriers in healthcare with endeavors like Pivotal EDU and The Association for Cannabis Health and Equity Medicine – a brainchild of Drs. Janice, Jessica and Rachel Knox, alongside Dr. Ogadinma “Oga” Obie – aimed at “serving the needs of BIPOC healers and health and medical professionals in the advancement of health equity.” 
By Amanda Day


Creator of Fresh Headies Ltd. & Hash Church
After some time looking for a “safe, compact and portable trichome extraction kit,” Fresh Headies Ltd. was born. Here, Marcus Richardson made his name and mark in the world of water extraction with the invention of the “first three-bag multitasking filtration kit” – earning him the name Bubbleman. In the early 2000s, Richardson and Skunkman Sam dreamed up an exclusive, invitation-only hash event spanning four countries and 21 years later, Legends of Hashish was born. In 2014, Richardson began building what would become a staple in concentration education and community building: Hash Church. The web series made it to its fourth iteration (“Hash Church 4.0”) after almost 10 years and has boasted experts from fields far and wide.
By Amanda Day

The Hashish Inn

When it comes to community education and connection, social media and podcasts have become an invaluable tool. Shoragim Amir of The Hashish Inn has embraced this concept to create a unique community of hash heads looking to talk terps and techniques. Episode One aired in 2019 featuring Oregon’s Pua Extractions and since then, the show has only continued to cater to some of the finest and freshest events, companies and individuals on the scene. It’s even picked up Rosin Evolution as a main sponsor, with others rolling in to support.
By Amanda Day

Dragonfly Earth Medicine

The team at Dragonfly Earth Medicine long ago established their authority in the Canna-certificate scene. A “DEM Pure” commitment goes deeper than superficial certifications to examine a producer’s full practices – right down to their inputs, treatment of employees and pricing ethics. They offer a holistic approach to preserving the integrity of Cannabis medicine while acting as a steward of the earth. When you see a DEM Pure certification, you can rest easy knowing the producers have rallied around regenerative practices and earth-based formulas. 
DragonflyEarthMedicine.com | @dragonflyearthmedicine
By Amanda Day

MJ BizCon

MJ BizCon is entering its twelfth year influencing the business side of Cannabis as the top industry trade show around the globe. It’s held annually at the Las Vegas Convention Center, so companies can flex their latest concepts and network with over 1,400 exhibitors, 100 speakers, and “more than 30,000 Cannabis executives from around the world.” It’s a place to make moves and stay up to date on the latest industry innovations, and an undeniably momentous mechanism for moving forward.
MJBIZconference.com | @mjbizdaily
By Amanda Day

Humboldt Seed Company

Humboldt Seed Company has produced regular, feminized and auto-flowering seeds since 2001, with origins in breeding for patients under California’s Prop. 215. Today, they’ve established themselves as the state’s largest seed provider, with a global reach spanning multiple U.S. states, Spain, Canada, Jamaica, South Africa, Colombia, France, Portugal, Greece, the UK, Malta and Thailand. The team also dedicates their time to making an impact in the world around them with endeavors like the Nature Rights Council, the company’s environmental nonprofit arm that’s led by Humboldt’s Indigenous youth.
humboldtseedcompany.com | @thehumboldtseedcompany
By Amanda Day


The House of Cannabis is the first-ever immersive Cannabis experience and art gallery. It’s a multi-level, “transportive, multi-sensory journey” stretched out over 10 exhibits. In this revolutionary look at Cannabis, viewers can find a new perspective of the plant through exhibits like Kandid Kush’s “microverse” of macro photography, educational works about the War on Drugs, or even peruse the plants in a real indoor grow. Overall, the concept is a significant step for Cannabis art and the continued normalization of the plant.  
thcnyc.com | @thcnyc
By Amanda Day

Earl Blumenauer

Kristie Baxter

U.S. Representative, Oregon
Rep. Earl Blumenauer has been a force in plant politics since 1973 when he first voted in Oregon to decriminalize possession in small quantities. Since then, he has been stirring up and supporting movements like Cannabis research (The Medical Marijuana and Cannabidiol Research Expansion Act), banking access (The SAFE Banking Act), veterans’ access to Cannabis (The Veterans Equal Access Act), and much more. Recently, along with Rep. Dana Rohrabacher, Rep. Don Young and Rep. Jared Polis, the congressman announced his founding and co-chair position in the Congressional Cannabis Caucus – a bipartisan Cannabis workgroup focused on research, veteran access and Cannabis business needs.
By Amanda Day

Frenchy Cannoli (in memoriam 1956-2021)

Andy Colwell 2019

Hash Innovator & Advocate
Frenchy Cannoli was born in Nice, France but left at a young age to explore the world. On the road to becoming a hashstorian and master hashishin, he lived nomadically from “Morocco to Mexico, to Nepal, Pakistan, and India,” taking in the historic hashish techniques of many cultures. Cannoli dedicated his life to teaching students from far and wide the philosophy of his craft. His workshops (“Lost Art of the Hashishin”), brand (Very Special Olde Press), videos, writings and presence on this earth left a mark on the minds and methods of many hash makers.
By Amanda Day

Dennis Peron (in memoriam 1946-2018)

Medical Cannabis Advocate
Known as the “Father of Medical Marijuana,” Dennis Peron was a passionate advocate for the people and the plant. After experiencing Cannabis in Vietnam during his time in the Air Force, he decided to smuggle some back and begin a career. This legend led the way to medical legalization in California when he saw the benefits of Cannabis use surrounding him in a community coping with AIDS. It was his persistence in the early days of campaigning that pushed the 1996 Compassionate Use Act (also known as Prop 215) into fruition and with it, the nation’s very first public dispensary: the San Francisco Cannabis Buyers Club.
By Amanda Day


The biggest mystery of the machine was that he kept his stash in the dash. With his wake-and-bake regimen and Scooby gobbling down CBD snacks, there’s no wonder they were the ones catching the ghosts.
By Mike Ricker

Cap’n Crunch

This Merchant Marine of Marijuana secured his place in the Stoney Cereal Hall of Fame when he added Crunch Berries to the already phenomenal peanut butter bonanza.
By Mike Ricker

Matthew McConaughey as David Wooderson in Dazed and Confused

This was potentially the turning point for all adolescents back in the day who discovered that even though possession could get you in trouble with Mom and the Fuzz, having a joint on hand when in the presence of an older, seasoned stoner would make you cooler.
By Mike Ricker

Elliot Lewis

Founder & CEO of Catalyst Cannabis
Elliot Lewis is the man behind one of California’s most prolific and fastest growing retail empires. He opened the first Catalyst location in 2017 in his hometown of Long Beach, Calif. – which is now up to 18 stores and counting. Much of Lewis’ notoriety comes from his outspoken approach to business ownership, his “bring-the-fight-to-their-door” mentality, relentless hustle and impassioned persona, earning him the reputation of a force to be reckoned with in the ever-evolving California market.
catalyst-cannabis.com | @catalyst_ceo
By Nate Williams

Woody Harrelson

Actor, Advocate, Dispensary Owner
Few pro-Cannabis advocates have the star power of Woody Harrelson. Many of us remember when he first came out in the ‘90s as a pot smoker, alienating much of his weed-hating audience and cementing the fandom of the rest of us. In the years since, the Oscar-nominated actor has fought alongside small farmers in the Emerald Triangle, spoken out on the need for clemency for prisoners, and even entered the business space in 2022 with his own dispensary and consumption lounge in West Hollywood.
thewoodsweho.com | @woodyharrelson
By Tom Bowers

Bailey Stuart

Bailey Stuart Cheif Operating Officer and Megan Moody Executive Assistant of The Green Jar.

A tireless advocate for the plant and legalization, Stuart is a single mom running two retail locations, while also finding time to serve on the Alaska Marijuana Control Board as an advisor and advocating for the Alaska Cannabis industry through AMIA. Her stores – the Green Jar locations – are also the official Intake Partner for the Alaska Leaf Bowl!
thegreenjarak.com | @greenjar_ak
By Wes Abney

Lacy Wilcox and Alaska Marijuana Industry Association

As President of the Alaska Marijuana Industry Association – a collective of Cannabis businesses that work together for the betterment of the industry – Wilcox works around the clock on everything from legislative or municipal changes in regulations, to running a network of canna-businesses that are unifying to better the industry as a whole. She’s also a partner at Top Hat Alaska, an award-winning CO2 processor.
thcalaska.com | @thcalaska | alaskamia.org
By Wes Abney

Greg James/Marijuana Venture

From a career making big bucks in software, James found himself in Seattle with an idea to show the Cannabis industry a professional approach to doing business. Taking from his experiences in software, he launched Marijuana Venture Magazine to publish on the expanding business world of Cannabis, and started Interchange – an event which allows speed networking between brands and retailers in multiple states.
marijuanaventure.com | @mjventure
By Wes Abney

The Cannabis Alliance

A trade organization with an eye on highlighting the best of Washington’s Cannabis community, and a focus on bettering policy through collective efforts – the Cannabis Alliance has worked for years to make the Washington industry a better place for businesses and consumers alike.
thecannabisalliance.us | @thecannabisalliance
By Wes Abney

You, the Reader

Kaspars Grinvalds – stock.adobe.

Thank you, our beloved reader, for you are taking the time to educate yourself about the plant that we all love. You deserve credit for becoming an enlightened stoner, and hopefully you share the good news about our plant the way you share tasty strains from your favorite dispensary. We can change the world, one person and toke at a time, for as the Lorax said, “Unless someone like you cares a whole awful lot, nothing is going to get better.”
By Wes Abney

This article was originally published in the June 2023 issue of All Magazines.

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