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Author: Jerry Whiting

Hemp DIY Guide: Clip and Save This Column

If you're interested in learning some DIY tips for different hemp preparations, look no further than this month's column

Hemp Is a Chemical Factory

Farmers must produce large amounts of hemp as Cannabis's cousin can create different kinds of plant-based medicine.

Hemp: Planting What I Preach

It's time to grow hemp for fiber! That's the first step in making hemp products like paper, textiles and more!

It Doesn’t Have To Be ALL Hemp…

What if hemp replaced a fraction of cotton, wood or plastic?

Hemp is More Than Just a Flower

We can all agree that hemp fiber is an industry that has barely gotten off the ground.

Slipstreaming Hemp Into Your Diet

The next time you go shopping, notice the number of hemp products you find on the shelf.

The USDA Is Hemp’s Best Friend

With the U.S. government’s help, one day hemp will be grown on the same scale as wheat, soy and corn are today.

The Hemp Ship Will Right Itself…Eventually

The chaos in the market is a good thing. It means the hemp market is maturing.

When Color Matters

Focusing on THC or CBD alone doesn't evoke an entourage effect.

Why is Hemp in a Pot Mag?

Hemp is, without a doubt, our absolute best tool to unravel the damage we’ve done to the earth.

Is Hot Enough For You?

It’s hot enough already. Hemp is here to help. Hemp can and must save the planet.

How to Use Terroirs to Your Benefit

Smart growers work within the confines of their location to produce something unique.

Yes, You Have to Grow Hemp Properly

If you’re going to grow hemp, you need to know it’s a new market with sometimes unique ways of doing business.

Stop Growing Hemp!

It’s not the farmer’s fault – no matter how wonderful or plentiful their crop, the market is just flooded.

Hemp Primer 101

This helpful explainer should provide the information you need to discuss hemp using the correct terminology.

Hemp And Pot Are On A Collision Course

However, the conflict isn’t between hemp and Cannabis plants, but between Cannabis farmers and hemp farmers.

How Black Farmers Are Underrepresented in The Hemp Industry

"My advice to new Black hemp farmers is to grow for the fiber market, especially hempcrete"

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