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2023 Oregon Edibles Special

This year's picks for the top THC-infused treats in Oregon.

Photo by Amanda Day

Better Edibles

Better Edibles is a small company with big offerings operating out of Independence, Oregon. Owner Steven Cho is always looking to bring new ideas to edible enthusiasts around the state – from nano-enhanced “Holy Water” to his latest invention: Fifty-One Fifty gummies.

At first glance, these edible packages may appear similar to some others on shelves … but take a closer look and you’ll notice a lack of listed flavor. That’s because Better Edibles is bringing the magic of mystery to adults craving a thrill we thought went missing with our childhood Airhead candy stash. Cho even tells us that we can look forward to a “game” where customers can guess the flavor in shops (but you’ll have to stay tuned for details). 

In the meantime, let’s kick things off and see what surprises we can sink our teeth into. We’re beginning with a THC-only gummy, but options with an added 100mg of CBD, CBN or CBG are also available for consumers. The gummies are offered in a block form, with easily separated sections of 10 equaling about 10mg of THC per serving. As we rip into the sugar-coated candy, an unmistakable grape aroma and purple center demystify the mystery and make for a mouthwatering experience. There isn’t a hint of Cannabis detected in the scent and as it gallops across the palate, the grape is perfectly preserved. If all of the flavors are as enjoyable as this first pick, you’ll want to collect them all – quick! –Amanda Day

Fifty-One Fifty Gummies | 92.70mg THC 
Fifty-One Fifty Gummies with CBD | 92.88mg THC / 92.61mg CBD 
Fifty-One Fifty Gummies with CBN | 94.14mg THC / 100mg CBN 
Fifty-One Fifty Gummies with CBG  | 92.7mg THC / 100mg CBG
better-edibles.com | @betteredibles

Concrete Jungle
Live Resin Fruit Gummy

Hit the streets with an infused attitude courtesy of the power-backed 100mg gummies from Concrete Jungle.

From the true jungles of Portland to the rural parts of Oregon, the people have spoken and they love the high-potency single gummy that can deliver 100mg in a couple bites. This Sour Razz Sativa gummy has a bright and sweet taste that’s undeniably Blue Razz, which is both a color and flavor at the same time – finishing with a sour kick that reminds you the gummy is infused. Within an hour, we found ourselves completely baked and floating between the fridge and the couch, exploring Planet Earth via YouTube drone videos. Convenient and tasty, the Concrete Jungle delivers a high that’s powerful enough for the streets … or your next internet adventure. –Wes Abney

Sour Razz | 100mg THC
concretejungleextracts.com | @concretejungle.life

Crown B Alchemy

Some time ago, Crown B Alchemy nestled itself into a solid spot among Oregon’s first nano-enhanced cannabinoid products. But the syrups’ success didn’t simply rest on rapid onsets and versatility. These enhanced elixirs offered strain-specific effects and a potency that the people wanted.

We’re speaking, of course, of the Cannabull – a line that offers a flexible, affordable and potent option for consumers looking to make the most of their medicating or mixers. With bottles ranging from 250-1000mg and flavors like blackberry, blue raspberry, green apple, mango, super punch and wild cherry, there’s something for every occasion. If you’re running low on recipes, Crown B Alchemy’s website has a “Mixology” page that highlights a host of delicious drinks incorporating their syrups.

If mocktails aren’t in your plans, products like the Moonlight Serenade may offer what you need. This 1:1:1 syrup is also strain-specific and contains around 600mg of cannabinoids catered to sleep and relaxation. As “Oregon’s first-and-only, fast-acting, time-release, nano-cannabinoids CBN sleep syrup,” it’s a perfectly peaceful mixture of THC, CBD and CBN.

We find that each of these syrups mixes nicely with low-sugar, lightly flavored sparkling water (like Spindrift) since the syrups themselves are filled with a fruity flavor and sweet finish that shines through. But if you’re looking for over-efficiency, we won’t judge you if you sip straight from the bottle. –Amanda Day

Cannabull | 250mg – 1000mg strain-specific 
Moonlight Serenade | 200mg THC, 200mg CBD, 200mg CBN
crownbalchemy.com | @crownbalchemy

Feel Goods

From the makers of Fire Dept. Cannabis comes Feel Goods, a fruit-forward, infused product line that includes extracts, pre-rolls and these delightfully juicy jelly candies – offered in six flavors and varying sativa, indica and hybrid effects like blissful, centered and chill. 

Each gummy clocks in around 100mg of THC courtesy of Buddies Brand Liquid Diamonds and is packed in small pop-top tubes – offering portability and more importantly, protection of the soft, sweet and zingy gummy goodness. They’re organic, vegan-friendly and use natural inputs like vegetable juice for color and fruit oil for flavor so you “feel good” from the first bite. We popped the top on their Pink Lemonade Hybrid, Tangerine Sativa and Watermelon Indica varieties to learn more – but you can also keep an eye out at your local dispo for Blueberry, Red Raspberry and Strawberry.

The fresh, juicy nature of these tempting little treats was enticing from first glance. We started with the Tangerine option and were not disappointed. The unmistakable citrus flavor was everything our noses teased and covered any trace of Cannabis extract taste. Each edible is about the size and shape of a standard gummy worm and can be split into 10mg servings for a little nibble with a big effect. The small serving size (a little larger than a pea) was a nice change of pace without sacrificing potency. –Amanda Day

“Blissful” Tangerine Live Resin Gummy | 95.2mg THC 
“Centered” Pink Lemonade Live Resin Gummy | 92.8mg THC 
“Chill” Watermelon Live Resin Gummy | 93.8mg THC
tryfeelgoods.com | @tryfeelgoods

Fire Dept. Cannabis

Fire Dept. Cannabis has been “lighting the fire within” since 2018 when the brand brought its namesake from a Springfield, Oregon fire station where it all began. In our December 2022 Edibles Issue, we sat down with owner Tony Birch and he explained that they quickly outgrew the original location, but retained the name (read more on the brand in our archives at LeafMagazines.com).

Today you can find Tony and team in the Portland area, where they’re whipping up edible products like gummies, crispy treats and cookies, as well as a selection of smokeables ranging from infused pre-rolls to concentrates and extracts.

In honor of this year’s Edibles Issue, we’re winding down for the evening with the full spectrum, rosin-infused Sleepytime Snickerdoodle. It’s a 1:1:1 pairing of THC, CBD and CBN, with “indica-specific terpenes” for the perfect bedtime snack. Contrary to what you’d expect from a cookie, there’s no need to worry about a pre-sleep sugar rush. That’s because this tender, slender cookie only contains 2.8 grams of sugar in total (or 0.28 grams per serving).

Snagging a “serving” slice of this Snickerdoodle is simple, as each cookie comes perforated with 10 sections. You can break or cut these apart for more accurate dosing, but we did it simply to savor the soft, chewy sensation of a timeless cookie that Fire Dept. Cannabis has fine-tuned for folks seeking a soothing sleepytime routine. –Amanda Day

Sleepytime Snickerdoodle by Fire Dept. Cannabis
99.40mg THC / 74.30mg CBD / 90.44mg CBN
9.40mg THC / 7.43mg CBD / 9.04mg CBN

Hapy Kitchen

Portland company Hapy Kitchen first made a name for itself by offering the Oregon community an affordable artisanal edible experience with their original chocolate brownie. The brand has grown significantly since its brownie beginnings, now offering a variety of captivating confections and tantalizing tinctures to handle any hurdle life throws your way. 

If sleep has been slipping by, you may want to give the Hapy Kitchen French Vanilla Sleep Tincture a try. This 1:1:1 balanced blend boasts a bold 500mg of THC, CBD and CBN – resulting in over 1500mg of cannabinoids per bottle! The addition of vanilla bean speck and (non-Cannabis) terpenes makes this crystal clear, MCT oil-based tincture smell as smoothly as it goes down. 

If the name isn’t enough to entice you, one whiff of Hapy Kitchen’s Brown Butter Bliss Cookie should do the trick. Its warm sugar and toasted butter aroma wrap you up in comfort before the Sugar Magnolia hash rosin (featuring equal parts THC and CBN) even kicks in. 

For those craving some nostalgia, might we suggest the Muddy Buddy Cookie? It’s infused with Sand Castle Hash Co.’s Wedding Cake hash rosin and a THC-focused feeling. But at the forefront, it’s all rich cocoa flavor and chocolate candy crunch. 

The Toffee Crunch Blondie brings everything we love about Hapy Kitchen’s original brownie to a new flavor. Think soft, chewy goodness with a toffee twist. Tear into this tin and let the fun begin. –Amanda Day

French Vanilla 1:1:1 Sleep Tincture | 496.2mg THC / 534.4mg CBD / 522mg CBN
Brown Butter Bliss 1:1 Cookie | 87.6mg THC / 3.6mg CBD / 97.2mg CBN
Muddy Buddy Cookie | 99mg THC / 3.9mg CBD 
Toffee Crunch Blondie Brownie | 92.05mg THC / 7.35mg CBD
hapykitchen.com | @hapykitchen.pdx

Higher Cultures

The makers of these mouthwatering morsels hail from Grants Pass, where countless Cannabis colas stretch toward the sun-kissed skyline in every direction. A Clean Green-certified selection of them are lucky enough to get handed over to the crew at Higher Cultures, where they are turned into sauces, sugars, diamonds, batters, butters, rosins, and the sweet little treats you see here.

These 100mg 20-packs of live resin, vegan gummies are infused with organic inputs and contain a mix of sativa, hybrid and indica options. The Big Easy Party Pack by Higher Cultures is the perfect pouch if you’re looking for a little surprise, something shareable, or several flavors to savor. The convenient, resealable pouch makes it perfect for on-the-go. With all three options in the palm of your hand, you know you’ll have the right Gemmies! to bedazzle the ups and downs of your day.

We popped open a pack featuring Key Lime Pie, Banana Foster and Boysenberry Beignet. The sweet smells of candied bananas and luscious limes jumped out immediately and the charming, gem-shaped gummies tumbled into our hands. 

These soft, sugar-coated treats may have tumbled into our mouths even faster. But at 5mg of THC per gummy, we experienced a gentle ascent without overdoing it. With many edibles clocking serving sizes of 10mg, these Gemmies! are a friendly option for those who like a “Big Easy” dosing process. –Amanda Day  

Gemmies! | 92.5mg THC
highercultures.com | @highercultures

Laurie and MaryJane

If you’re an avid reader of Oregon Leaf, then the names Laurie and MaryJane should ring a (dinner) bell. Most months, Laurie Wolf’s infused recipes grace our pages to elevate the plates of readers like you. If you’re looking to incorporate Cannabis into your cooking, we highly suggest starting there.  

Laurie’s training at The Culinary Institute of America and tenacity in tackling her health obstacles were a “Recipe for Success” – which is also the title of the December 2022 article about the mother and daughter-in-law team behind the brand (head to the archives at LeafMagazines.com). Laurie and MaryJane’s stand-out selections have always been a favorite for those who crave a delicious attention to detail. Not ones to skimp a single step of the way from source to shelf, they share their offerings in pretty, perfectly packaged products that match the mouth-watering magic of what’s inside. This year, they sent us home with the Herb + Spice line: an exciting array of seasonings infused with organic hemp flower from East Fork Cultivars. Since each jar packs around 240mg of hemp-derived CBD, they can be easily (and legally) ordered online. You can also keep an eye out for a 1:1 offering coming to dispensaries soon.

With six seasoning options offering everything from savory to sweet, you’ll want to keep these in your kitchen stash for everything you eat! The resealable glass jar and metal lid make for easy access, dosing and storage. But they aren’t simply for the seasoned chef. “They are really good with popcorn,” says Laurie, sharing a tasty tip for spicing up your holiday snack selection. Whether using a single teaspoon or several, this 10mg of CBD serving size allows consumers to explore tantalizing levels of potency and flavor. –Amanda Day

Spiced Sugar Seasoning | 252mg CBD / 0.84mg THC 
All Purpose Seasoning | 268mg CBD / 0.82mg THC 
Ranch Seasoning | 277mg CBD / 0.74mg THC 
Taco Seasoning | 292mg CBD / 0.67mg THC 
Italian Seasoning | 225mg CBD / 0.45mg THC 
Dry Rub Seasoning | 228mg CBD / 0.72mg THC
laurieandmaryjane.com | @laurieandmaryjane

Loyal Oil by The CO2 Company

Living up to its namesake, Loyal Oil is a brand brought to you by The CO2 Company – a label seen on shelves across the state since the OMMP-only days of 2014, when the Walsh brother-built company introduced the scene to the first vape pens. Since then, they’ve surfed the swells of the canna-seas and even built a bigger boat.

Now boasting four brands in their fleet (Loyal Oil, Mama Lou’s, Full Spectrum and Fruit Lust), we opted to check out their Loyal Oil FECO (Full-spectrum Extract Cannabis Oil) line. This Cannabis and hemp-derived edible oil is alcohol-extracted, strain-specific and available in three options: THC/CBD, THC, and CBG. 

It is always smart to start low and go slow when consuming Cannabis. But any consumer who’s dabbled in everything from dabs to digest-ibles will urge extra caution when handling FECO (and RSO). There’s a reason these products are coveted as a comfort in the quiver of ailment arrows: Their origin story demands doses that (quite literally) duel with death. From those battling cancer to chronic pain, FECO offers an effective option that doesn’t require the daily dessert-binging of sweet edibles. 

As suggested by the producer (and heartily seconded by us), start with just a drop (0.02g). This dose will divvy out anywhere from 5-17mg of each listed cannabinoid, depending on your FECO selection (THC/CBD, THC, or CBG). –Amanda Day

Strain: Jager x Trainwreck
906mg Total Cannabinoids / 846.4mg THC

Strain: Biscotti
892.5mg Total Cannabinoids / 405.1mg THC / 423.2mg of CBD

Strain: Kush Mints
915mg Total Cannabinoids / 288.2mg THC / 302.6mg CBD / 297.6mg CBG
theco2company.com/loyaloil | @loyal.oil.co

Magic Number Old Fashioned Lemonade

Sip and savor a sun-kissed lemonade that’s infused with solventless hash rosin for a buzz worthy of summer, even if it’s cold and gray outside.

Lemonade is the official drink of good days (generally also sunny), but here in the PNW we’ve got to make do – no matter what the weather. Our first sips of sweet citrus, with an earthy and gassy rosin kick, instantly transports the mind to a happy place with an easy-drinking 100mg that goes down quickly. We mixed one bottle with 7-UP and a healthy mix of Hawaiian Punch, for an infused holiday drink that had us floating higher than Rudolf! Infused with Strawberry Guava live rosin from BNK, this lemonade smacks with a heady, euphoric high that brings sunny day vibes one sip at a time! –Wes Abney

100mg THC
drinkmagicnumber.com | @wedrinkmagicnumber


Maples may have started off serving natural hard candies, but their latest offering brings the nectar of two timeless trees together for a terrifically unique experience: infused maple syrup. Just make sure you don’t dive in too deep … this maple syrup comes packing some heat. 

The exclusive Eastwood Gardens rosin collaboration comes in 100mg and 500mg bottle options. Each is filled with the succulent sap of maple trees, “tapped directly from a family-owned farm in upstate New York.” It’s then infused with rosin for a simple, solventless, natural nectar that beautifully balances the reality of rosin with the sweetness of the amber syrup. 

The versatile product can be used to coat pancakes, of course. But take it from a Canadian: The possibilities are endless with a little creativity. It’s an excellent substitute for brown sugar (or any sweetener really), a marvelous mixer in coffee, and a wonderful way to add moisture when baking cookies and cakes. 

These collectible little cuties even come in charming, leaf-shaped, clear glass bottles. It makes pouring the sticky, golden liquid into your favorite dish or recipe smooth and simple, much like the rosin ride that follows. –Amanda Day

Rosin Infused Maple Syrup | 100mg and 500mg
maplescandy.com | @eatmaples

Mini Retreats

It’s the little things in life that make it worth living, and in the case of these little treats, you can take a big mental vacation with just a few bites.

If you’re like this writer, vacation is probably not on the calendar – even if it’s sorely needed. But you don’t need a week on the beach to find a mental retreat … whether that be a cat nap while a Retreat kicks in, or taking a gummy before a yoga and meditation session. In today’s digital age, you’ve got to find your own escape. And if that means eating both 50mg gummies in a cute tin of Mini Retreats and diving into a VR world, then so be it.

We love the aptly-named Mini Retreats because they’re small and powerful. They’re also extremely delicious with a soft mouthfeel and smooth finish, and come in indica, sativa, hybrid or 1:1 options. The flavors include a very unique and gently sweet Lala Lychee, a fresh Strawberry and tart Blueberry, and another standout variety in the Sunrise Grapefruit that’s perfectly sour and sweet. Our favorite was the Passionfruit Punch – a floral and tropical twist on a classic punch flavor.

The strain-specific labeling on the Mini Retreats packaging is absolutely awesome and gives the user a choice, plus much more transparency knowing the hybrid is powered by Grape Stank, or that the 1:1 is a blend of Garlotti and CannaTsu. With yummy flavors and potent effects, make sure to fill your pockets with a few tins of Mini Retreats and get in vacation mode … even if it’s just for an afternoon. –Wes Abney

50mg per gummy, 2 per package

Mule Extracts

Mule Extracts has a high-powered lineup of products that are fueled by the company’s low-temp extraction process, delivering a variety of cannabinoid blends that kick hard – just like a mule!

We get a kick out of infused Dad jokes, and while that might make some readers groan, the Muleshine Syrup will turn any frown upside down. The Strawberry Lemonade 1:1:1:1 features equal servings of THC, CBD, CBN and CBG, for a full spectrum high that’s energetic and sweet. Simply add the syrup to a fizzy drink or take it by the spoonful! With options in indica or sativa and different cannabinoid blends, Muleshine is an easy way to infuse a mocktail.

Next up are the Mini Kickers, and we couldn’t help but adore and appreciate their size. But don’t let these tiny gummies fool you – they hit hard, whether you’re going for the NW Berry nighttime CBN blend that’s a ticket to dreamland, or the fizzy-fruity 1:1:1:1 Strawberry Lemonade version that lights up the entire endocannabinoid system like a Christmas tree!

And for those who want to get super high in one bite, the 100mg Kickers are just what you need to get a heavy buzz on. These single squares have 100mg of THC and are marked for dosing, but we scarfed down the Sativa Pineapple for breakfast in one sweet tangy bite – resulting in an excellent and rather floaty day. With a nice selection of indica versions too, the Mule Extracts team has every imaginable effect and dosage one could desire between their gummies and syrups. –Wes Abney

Muleshine Syrup | Indica 2:1 | Sativa 1:1
Mini Kickers | 1:1:1:1 Hybrid | 1:1:1 Indica
Kickers | Pineapple Sativa | Raspberry Pom Indica
muleextractspdx.com | @mulethc

Smokiez THCV 1:1:1 Chews

Embrace the New Year diet trend with the latest gummy from Smokiez that’s high in THCV … also known as the “diet weed” cannabinoid.

While it might seem counterintuitive to use Cannabis to lose weight, THCV could be the hottest thing to hit weight loss since Ozempic. Of course we’d rather eat a delicious, soft and chewy Cherry gummy that’s rich and tart with fruity flavor than chase another diet fad – and in this case, the science supports the buzz. THCV is known to improve metabolism, limit hunger cravings, and is helpful in regulating blood sugar levels. We’ve also anecdotally heard from users that THCV has focusing effects for those with ADD/ADHD, acting as a potential alternative or supplement to over-prescribed medications.

We truly live in an amazing time where companies like Smokiez are constantly trying and perfecting new cannabinoid blends and flavors. This brand is well known for their variety – with gummies that are always yummy – and these new THCV versions do not disappoint. We loved the Sour Cherry that was lightly sweet before turning sour, with a sharp cherry flavor and a soft mouthfeel. Within an hour, we had a relaxed but clear-headed high that was anxiety free and energetic – perfect for working, cleaning, or anything fun that requires a bit of focus. 

Without the side effect of the dreaded edible munchies, we were able eat half a bag throughout the day without going over the edge and into too-high mode. We look forward to seeing more THCV products from Smokiez and encourage patients and rec users alike to check out the latest blend of cannabinoids to hit the Oregon market! –Wes Abney

Cherry & Sour Cherry | 10mg THCV, THC & CBD per piece | 100mg per package
smokiez.com | @officialsmokiez

Squibs by Calyx Craft

With a name as catchy and random as Squibs, the edible that started them all is still a top-notch gummy choice with a variety of flavors and effects.

The humble Squib began as a gummy before Cannabis was legal in Oregon, and today they’re just as yummy and hard hitting as ever. With daytime and nighttime formulas, you can dial in your high as you see fit – making the only hard choice picking a flavor. We loved the soft mouthfeel and the tingle of the heavily sugared outside texture of these fruity wonders, where each bite felt like a luxurious pillow of sugary highness.

Each of the flavors brings a fruity dynamic to the mix, with the Green Apple being our favorite with its sweet and tart, mouth-puckering flavor. The Black Raspberry was gently sweet and dark, and the Cherry was tart and mellow. The Grape tasted like a childhood grape soda, which we still enjoy with a scoop of vanilla ice cream for a stoney mixup. Make sure to chow down on all the flavors of these melt-in-your-mouth gummies, and definitely prepare yourself for a case of the munchies when you do. –Wes Abney

Black Raspberry, Grape, Cherry and Green Apple | 10mg per piece | 100mg per package
calyxcrafts.com | @calyx.crafts

Verdant Leaf

Taste the tropics and feel the exotics with the fruity and fun lineup of heavily infused syrups from Verdant Leaf.

We love the freedom of being able to decide what to infuse a drink with, as well as choosing exactly when you want to do it. In the wide world of both non-alcoholic drinks and boozy cocktails, there’s enough variety of juices, sodas and recipes to keep a sampler busy for life. 

That’s why we love the SHO Syrup – you can take your favorite pineapple, orange, guava juice blend and add a spoonful of Banana flavored syrup for a winning combination. Or turn a Sprite blue with the Blue Raspberry for a syrupy soda that will definitely get you leaning … but without anything harmful.

With 500mg of THC in each bottle, there’s enough potency to infuse a whole party punch bowl. Or for higher dose users and patients, to infuse a couple drinks heavily. We found the effects of the live rosin to be powerful and long lasting, with the full body and mind high that only comes from full spectrum Cannabis. At lower doses, the syrup gave us euphoria and lowered anxiety and pain. We mixed the Passion Fruit with a Red Bull before the gym and had a yummy drink – and a great workout. 

But be warned: It’s easy to pour a little too much into a drink and when we dosed up a morning OJ with the Guava syrup, we lost several hours to cat videos stuck on the couch. Luckily it was a Sunday! And what’s even luckier? There’s always another day and a new beverage to infuse – and with Verdant Leaf’s excellent flavor selection, we’ll run out of syrup before we run out of combinations to try! –Wes Abney

Verdant Leaf Live SHO Syrup
Made with 100% Live Rosin
500mg per bottle

Photos by @terpodactyl_media

This article was originally published in the December 2023 issue of Oregon Leaf.

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