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Oregon’s “Hapy” Place

The goal of Hapy Kitchen goes far beyond getting people stoned.

Stoner Owners Todd Shangold and Jeremiah Ballard

“We've known each other for 25 years, since our party days out at Keene State College."

Ryan Cohen, The Sophisticated Dabber

"I saw a need for quality reviews of extracts and concentrates available on the Oregon market."

Tom Parlin of Kaleafa

I just think it would be a blast to kick it in the sewers, converse with the Ninja Turtles, and get stoned.

Beaverton’s Broadway Cannabis Market

Broadway has you covered regardless of if you're stopping in for a backup Puffco, or grabbing edibles.

Rolen Stone Farm

"The Green Crack and Citrus Smuggler that we bred about four years ago are both killers."

Redwood Cannabis

This Oregon shop is a dabber's heaven.

The Unflappable Parker Thomas

Keep a positive attitude and always look on the bright side. If you are feeling positive, you will feel less sick.

Focus On Your Inner Fat Kid

This is stoner food done by professionals.

Decibel Farms is Loud and Proud

"I refuse to drop anything that doesn't punch you in the face the second you open the jar."

The Positive Energy of Bonsai Farms

One of the pride and joys of Bonsai most certainly is their coveted cut of the almighty Papaya.

Little Slice of Heaven

Five full-time and 12 part-time employees help to harvest and trim a total of 1,000 pounds each year. 

B.A. Botanicals’ Fresh Frozen Explosion

"Overall, the goal is to grow flower in a sustainable manner, and produce the sort of rosin that I would like to smoke."

Wook Hash Retreat

"I can personally say I witnessed the VIPs open their concentrate boxes like kids on Christmas morning."

Kanopy 7’s KD Pritchett

"I love the shop I work in and the people I work with, we really are like a family."

The Extract Artistry of Jon Falcone

"The drive originally started once I tasted live resin for the first time."

Meet Oregon’s Expert Pre-Rollers

"None of what we do would be possible without our amazing staff." 

Inside Rose City Confections

"There are very few industries that change as dynamically as ours changes."

Oregon’s Wild West Emporium

“Treat your employees good, get quality products, good prices, and offer great customer service."

Cannabis, Depression, and the Weed Test Guy

"Cannabis, when consumed, is able to bridge social and cultural divides."