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Shop Review: TJ’s on Powell

Located near the busy 82nd Ave and Powell Blvd intersection, TJ’s on Powell is in the heart of SE Portland.

2021 Oregon Concentrates: Hydrocarbon

Behold our roundup of the finest Hydrocarbon extracts in Oregon in 2021

2021 Oregon Concentrates: Full Extract Cannabis Oil

For pain patients, Full Extract Cannabis Oil offers unparalleled relief. These are the best FECO products out of Oregon.

Grow Tour: Deschutes Growery

Deschutes Growery grows cannabis in a unique, rolling vertical arrangement. See how it works.

Shop Review: Cookies Portland

Cookies' first Oregon retail location offers a sleek vibe and a seamless shopping experience.

Patient Profile: Telaney Newton

"I haven’t had an attack in almost three years – roughly around the same time I started adding in my daily RSO."

Stoner Owner: Saint Laughlin of Wicked Kind

This happy-go-lucky adventurer grows some of the best cannabis in the Pacific Northwest. Here's what inspires him.

Small Town Hero Cindy Gowen, Budtender for Knotty Leaves Dispensary

At Knotty Leaves dispensary, Cindy Gowen has made a name for herself as an experienced and compassionate budtender.

Oregon’s Elev8 Cannabis

Through the consumption of Cannabis, their mission is to elevate, love and awaken the human spirit.

Lewis Davidson of PDX Dabs

See how this hash producer fights for equality for the plant and for the people who use it.

Garden Tour: Garden First Cannabis

Always putting the garden first, their team is constantly going the extra mile to take care of their plants.

Raina Casey of Oregon Handlers Fund

In their brief time of operation, the OHF has already raised $4,676.31 and funded 16 worker permits

Kings of Canna Manager Darren Quardt

The toughest thing about doing what I do is determining which beautiful flower to put into the shop."

Brandon DeCamp of Truth Dispensary

When I first started smoking Cannabis, I was fascinated by all the local glass artists in the PNW.

Oregon’s Top Crop

The number of connoisseur options here is almost overwhelming, in the best way imaginable

How Cannabis Helps This Patient’s ADHD

Cannabis is like sound-proof padding in a room whose echoes make it impossible to hear one train of thought at a time.

Choice Farms in Bend

When it comes to their farming practices, they do not cut corners or play any games.

Oregon’s Fiery Budtender

"I just want to make everyone’s day a little better."

Oregon’s Genome Hunter

"I’m always striving to create the next genetic variety for myself and my community, which has always been my passion."

Extra-Galactic: The Story of Nathan Miers

Nathan Miers - better known as ‘N8’ - has positioned himself in the fine art category of functional glass art.