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Illustration by Jon Krouse

Enhancing the Everyday with Cannabis

Life is anything but mundane when Mary Jane is involved. And it’s easy to get lost in an edible-infused art exhibit.

Simply doing nothing is always a solid option when you’re stoned… but while we love a lazy day, this is the Fun Issue! There are so many activities that can be enhanced by Cannabis, helping you to get even more out of your high – whether you’re looking to get out on the town, get creative or get active – opportunities abound. 

Getting Out

Farmer’s Market

Fresh air and fire snacks? Count me in. My absolute favorite thing to do on a Sunday morning is roll up a joint, smoke on my walk to the market, and stock up on local goodies for the week. It’s a great way to get outside, meet people in your community and support small businesses. 


Music just sounds better stoned … especially live music. Look up a local show, light up and get out on the dance floor! For added fun, try going to a show for an artist you don’t know or a genre you wouldn’t normally listen to. You just may find your new favorite band out there.

Getting Creative

Puff and Paint

Interested in getting really high at a guided painting class? These events are all the craze these days with classes popping up in cities nationwide. Perfect for a dank date night or group hang, using Cannabis allows you to get out of your comfort zone and can result in some seriously trippy art. 

Day At The Museum

When I’m looking for creative inspiration (or something stoney to do on a rainy day), I like to drink an infused beverage or eat a gummy before hitting a local museum. Whether it’s science, modern art or natural history, it’s easy to get lost in an edible-infused exhibit of any kind. 

Getting Active

Nature Trail

Mother Nature is even more magical with Mary Jane. Personally, I love to hit the trail after hitting a nice uplifting sativa strain with a piney terpene profile like an OG Kush. Don’t forget to leave no trace and dispose of any joint roaches or product packaging properly.

Stoned Sex

All your senses are heightened when you’re high, making stoned sex a more intimate and pleasure experience. Sharing a joint, using THC or CBD lube, or giving a massage with infused body oil can sure shake up sexy time – just be sure to keep the communication open with your partner. 

Photos by @jon_krause_art

This article was originally published in the May 2023 issue of All Magazines.

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