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Author: Katherine Wolf

Setting the Green Scene: Cannabis Destinations Across the US

A chat with author Lauren Yoshiko about her new travel guide for tokers.

Leaf Glass Special 2024: Elbo Glass

Functional pieces in the shape of Raptors, Triceratops and more!

Breeding for Hash

Growing for solventless production has inspired an industry of breeding for hash plants.

Cabin 7 Originals

Her images feature smoking paraphernalia and nods to the psychedelic scene sprinkled throughout.

Dope Designers: Fashion Artist Roundup

These three designers are on the cutting edge of the cultural evolution.

A Season for Self-Care

Give your mind and body a little extra love this year by infusing your self-care routine with Cannabis.

Modern Maker’s Tech

Modern tech is helping create better, cleaner Cannabis products!

The Ganja Gadget Graveyard

Say goodbye to the paraphernalia of the past and hello to their modern replacements.

Dabbing and Fine Dining Across the Nation

Dab-loving diners get a unique experience while chefs are challenged to cook for Cannabis instead of with it.

DFO Family Reunion 2023

Two days of headies and hash at the legendary Northstar Glassworks in Portland, Oregon.

Heady Threads: Clothing For Your Next Trip

A roundup of artists and clothing brands making the most wonderful wearables for your next psychedelic experience.

Concentrates Category Connoisseurs in Washington

Check out NW Leaf’s picks for innovators in various categories when it comes to extracts around the Evergreen State.

Dab Vocab: The Leaf’s Concentrates Glossary

Concentrates are clarified and extracts explained in the Leaf’s handy, heady glossary.

The CARTA 2 by Focus V

“We wanted to push the E-Rig space and innovate in personalization and individuality to help destigmatize dabbing.”

Drinking Vessels: Making Your Cup Collection Heady

The Leaf interviews Drinking Vessels’ founder Ben Belgrad.

Event Recap: Small-Batch Hash Dinner in Denver

Genetics featured at this event were all hunted from seed and grown indoors in small-batch Colorado gardens.

Enhancing the Everyday with Cannabis

Life is anything but mundane when Mary Jane is involved. And it’s easy to get lost in an edible-infused art exhibit.

Fun-Sized: The Miniature Art of Levelheady

I genuinely believe magic is real and want to bring a little bit of that feeling to people through my art.

A Meme Moment: An Interview with Boof Confit

Memes can really be used to educate the public in a funny way. And I love to do this, particularly with hash and BHO.

Budtender of the Month: Caleb Bunce

I'm huge into vaporization. I've had a Volcano for almost a decade now and I don't see myself ever going back honestly.

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