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Modern Maker’s Tech

Modern tech is helping create better, cleaner Cannabis products!

Hashtek Solventless Extraction Equipment 

Hashtek is helping hash makers bring high-quality solventless products to the masses through its ice water extraction equipment that can produce bubble hash, rosin, full melt and dry sift at scale. Washing hash by hand is time-consuming and hard on the body, but most options to help automate this process agitate from the bottom with high-shear vortex style agitation – which can knock sensitive trichome heads off the fresh frozen plant material. Instead of making hash in a blender, Hashtek equipment gently agitates from the top down to mimic hand-paddling and protect trichome heads. These systems also utilize a sanitary stainless steel design that prevents microplastics and plant matter from seeping into the end product, allowing craft producers to do more washes without putting more stress on their bodies or sacrificing flavor and quality in their hash.


Trolmaster Hydro-X Environmental Control System 

The Hydro-X is an environmental control system from Trolmaster designed to help cultivation facilities become more efficient and less wasteful. This all-in-one hub makes it possible for growers to automate their lights, HVAC systems, air conditioners, dehumidifiers, humidifiers and CO2 generators based on each room’s microclimate and plant’s life cycle stage. They can also monitor and adjust these settings from a mobile app, getting warning alerts if a problem arises with the ability to make changes at any time and from any location. For example, if the temperature in a grow room drops below peak levels in the middle of the night, it can be reset remotely without sending an employee in. This level of environmental control prevents issues like mildew and root rot from affecting the plants while eliminating unnecessary time, labor and electricity for cultivators.


The Press Club Tabletop Rosin Press 

The Press Club is known for that proprietary pink stitching on its rosin bags, but recently expanded its product line by dropping the first-ever tabletop rosin presses. Designed to be portable and take up minimal space in the lab, these minis come in two sizes that measure less than one foot in all directions and weigh in at under 45 pounds. They still pack a punch, though – the 3×5-inch size has 10 tons of crushing pressure, while the 4×7-inch comes through with 20 tons of force. There’s also a top handle for easy transport and the whole thing can be set up with just a few screws, featuring patented easy-drip technology to transform from a horizontal to a tilted press in less than three seconds. Driving innovation in compactness and convenience, these presses allow extractors that are working with minimal space or traveling often to still crank out some serious heat.


TSRgrow LED Lights

Studies have shown that far-red light can increase crop biomass, and this technology is now being applied to Cannabis cultivation as well. TSRgrow has been at the forefront of using a full-spectrum approach to horticultural lighting that incorporates the more traditional blues, reds and greens — plus far-red and UV diodes. This ensures even indoor plants can fully absorb photons as they would naturally from the sun for optimal plant growth and higher yields. TSRgrow also removed the ballasts from their lights, instead using remote power servers centrally located in cabinets outside of the grow room. Relocating this power source helps reduce the temperature inside grow rooms by roughly 20%, cutting HVAC and cooling costs. This approach means a more comfortable environment for the plants, plus substantial energy savings and lower operational costs for growers.


This article was originally published in the October 2023 issue of All Magazines.

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