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Bailey Jonson

Pairing: Cap Junky Flower and Crumbl Cookies

A skunky vanilla scent with warm and sweet spicy cookie flavors – this hits on all levels.

Mammoth Inc. Cap Junky Flower paired with Crumbl Cookies

A sweet and highly potent Alien Cookies lineage finds its match with warm buttercream cookies from Crumbl.

On a relentlessly warm day during the peak of summer, we found ourselves with an eighth of Cap Junky from Mammoth Inc., driving through Attleboro, Massachusetts (near the Rhode Island border). Before the munchies inevitably kicked in, we realized a new cookie retailer was opening near us called Crumbl and we decided that we had to try it and do a formal pairing. Greatly anticipating the grand opening of this new location, we went all in with a half-dozen freshly-baked beauties – the crowning jewel being the Blue Monster, a chocolate chip cookie with bright blue buttercream and a mini cookie on top. Lets face it: All of the treats from Crumbl are irresistible, but we’ll focus on this one for now!

For flower, we have Cap Junky (Alien Cookies x Kush Mints #11) giving it a balanced 50/50 indica/sativa vibe. A skunky vanilla scent with warm and sweet spicy cookie flavors – this hits on all levels. A delicious blend of creamy smooth and pungent sharpness, you can be sure that this blend has something for everyone.

Arriving home with a box full of cookies and perhaps the best weed in the area, definitely gave feelings of indulgence and excess. The feminine and trendy baby-pink Crumbl box sits in contrast to a masculine, black, blue and green Mammoth pouch. Opening everything up at the same time is an experience in itself. Bakery aromas and the joyously loud scent of flower flood the surrounding area. With napkins and smoking apparatuses ready, the next question is: How to attack? This writer humbly suggests taking a breath in this moment and savoring the anticipation! 

We start by invoking the taste buds first with the cookie (or any edible pairing.) This helps to coat the palate, with the taste lingering longer than that of most inhaled terpenes – allowing for the flavor of each item to be present simultaneously. Soon after your first bite and swallow, we advise the Cannabis consumption commences. Smoking without a paper or blunt is advised for full flavor and enjoyment. Sipping water in between bites and tokes is also recommended.

This pairing was everything we expected and more. The cookie matching, in both the Cannabis lineage and food pairing, was just as amazing as you would expect. We found the blue buttercream to be particularly enjoyable, especially when consumed along with smoking a bowl.

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Photos by @baileynuggz

This article was originally published in the September 2023 issue of Northeast Leaf.

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