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Margauex Walter

Pairing : PLUGplay Slymer Livest Pod with La Fée Parisienne Absinthe

If only the poets of the past could've hit a PLUGplay Livest fresh frozen live resin pod to amplify their Absinthe buzz.

Embrace the sultry past of absinthe with the nuevo high of PLUGplay’s vaporizer pods for a pairing that fully embodies the strain name of Slymer.

Before cocktail or happy hour was the L’Heure Verte, the green hour, when the workers of London and Paris would turn to the wormwood-infused concoction for escape and a buzz unlike any other alcohol. Absinthe was regarded as both the drink of poets and artists, and the scourge of the lower class. How ironic that a green-tinted drink was blamed for society’s ills, much like Cannabis would be blamed several hundred years later.

As the absinthe magician Paul Nathan said in 2006 (shortly after importing the green fairy was made legal again in the U.S.), “People are rediscovering their chronic craving for ritual and magic in life. Absinthe has it all.” We feel this quote encompasses the same wonder we have with legal Cannabis – and nothing embodies this more than the ability to vaporize on the go.

PLUGplay’s innovative battery and pod design allows for easy on-the-go vaping, and switching between strains for the perfect buzz. We picked the Slymer strain to pair with our absinthe, a sativa phenotype of the Chernobyl and Trainwreck strain. Puffing on the pod sends big clouds of hazy citrus vapor that tingles the palate with a gassy, sour-lime exhale – sending a wave of thoughtful euphoria to the mind. If only the poets of the past could have hit a PLUGplay Livest fresh frozen live resin pod to amplify their absinthe buzz.

The ritual of pouring absinthe over the sugar cube and diluting it into water reminds us of preparing a dab, but that’s too much to do at the same time, so we puffed on the Slymer to continue our meteoric rise into a spacey head high. The bitter anise (black licorice flavor that’s in most absinthe) pulls us back to reality before the high potency alcohol sends a shockwave through the body – envoloping senses in a buzz that is both modern and of the renaissance at the same time. As Oscar Wilde noted, “A glass of absinthe is as poetical as anything in the world.” The addition of Cannabis is leveling up into uncharted territory.

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Photos by @margauexwalter

This article was originally published in the September 2023 issue of California Leaf.

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