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Tahoe Wellness Center

As TWC’s business and mission continue to evolve, so will their space.

Space Gems’ Out of this World Founder Wendy Baker

"I’ve always been a conscious individual – I really care about the earth."

Sisters of the Valley

“Our mission is to get the most plant medicine to the most people around the world."

Flow Cannabis’ Role in Establishing Cannatourism in California

The goal is to be able to bring consumers and business partners up to Mendocino.

Chris Anderson of Redwood Roots Family

I still just love pot. I love the herb. I love smoking it. I love sharing it.

Humboldt Herb and Market

Shopping at Herb and Market just feels good.

Sticky Fields of Dreams

“I love everything. I save all the plants, because it’s something special, man, and you might never see it again.”

Humboldt’s Finest Farms

“Brand the buildings, create a good work environment, benefits – and people will be happy."

Harvesting For Hash with Huckleberry Hill Farms and Heritage Mendocino

Today, things look a little different, and more and more farmers are harvesting for hash.  

Trinity County’s Gaia Gardens

100% of this field will be turned into full melt hash and live rosin.

Dry Farmers cultivate tradition along Eel River

“We feel like it is our responsibility to honor the land we have been blessed to grow on.”

Hall of Flowers makes triumphant return to Sonoma County

The Cannabis community showed up in droves for the rebirth of the annual event in Northern California.

A Grassroots Effort

Sergio Silva recognizes the value of opportunity.

The Willy Wonka of Weed

“For every corporate brand, we’ll take a vegan brand. … It’s just that United Nations model."

Will Glass House Farms Become the World’s Largest Cannabis Grow?

Glass House is poised to become one of the largest Cannabis cultivators on planet Earth.

Green Dawg cultivates craft in a growing industry

Not only did they toddle together, but the Green Dawg crew discovered Cannabis together.

Genine Coleman’s Lifestyle of Legacy

“Origins Council was really founded to give voice to the rural, legacy-producing communities of California.”

Southern California’s March and Ash

March and Ash has a more sophisticated vibe than the average mom-and-pop dispensary.

Endocannabinoid Effervescence

Rickett Brewing is revolutionizing alcohol alternatives, one weed-infused wine at a time.

How Jamie Evans is Pairing Her Passions

“It’s about thinking about Cannabis as a gourmet ingredient, rather than just something that can get you high.”