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2021 California Concentrates: Cartridges

Exquisitely made distillate, live resin, and CO2 terpene-rich concentrate cartridges abound in California

2021 California Concentrates: Full Extract Cannabis Oil

RSO and full extract Cannabis oil in raw or pressed tab form provides amazing plant-based medicine in California

2021 California Concentrates: Solventless

We rounded up amazing solventless hash, rosin, and more from the California Cannabis market.

2021 California Concentrates: New & Unique

We round up dabs and other THC rich products from the cutting edge of the California Cannabis concentrates market

2021 California Concentrates: Hydrocarbon

Our California Leaf Magazine staff rounds up some of the delicious concentrates on the market.

The Hash Artist: Simpson Solventless

Using rosin and other solventless concentrates, Eric Simpson sculpts works of art you can dab

Shop Review: Liberty Cannabis San Francisco

Liberty San Francisco features clean, midcentury modern lines and a stellar product lineup starring Garcia Hand Picked.

It’s outdoor VS indoor Cannabis in Flow Kana Sungrown Challenge

In April, Leaf Magazines' Bobby Black judged the Flow Kana-sponsored event.

Nidhi Lucky Handa breathes lifestyle into Leune Cannabis brand

The socially conscious entrepreneur discusses life leading California-based Cannabis and lifestyle brand Leune.

Q&A: Valerie Corral of WAMM Phytotherapies

Valerie Corral started WAMM to address policy issues in the California Cannabis community.

The Magic is in the Box: Lucky Box Club’s Eliza Maroney

Eliza Maroney curates selections of quality Cannabis products for customers with Lucky Box Club.

KOLAS Sacramento budtender Talitha “Mama T” Blizzeard

Talitha Blizzeard took her years as a bartender and applied them to a new career as a budtender at Kolas in Sacramento.

From Incarceration to Entrepreneurship

Johnny Casali overcame nearly a decade of imprisonment to become a leader in Humboldt County's legal Cannabis Market.

Santa Cruz’s KindPeoples

Through outreach, community programs and fundraising, KindPeoples makes a positive impact on the Santa Cruz community.

Dania Cabello: Ojo De La Sol

Dania Cabello brings her experience as a professional athlete to her role as a Cannabis healer.

Shop Review: Cookies Sacramento

You’re immediately drawn in by that unmistakable sky blue that’s become ubiquitous in the California weed scene

Decriminalize Nature founder seeks to heal the world

Leaf Magazines discusses entheogenic medicine and legalization with Carlos Plazola, founder of Decriminalize Nature.

Budtender of the Month: Dominic Miller at People’s OC

Dominic Miller from People's OC is our California Leaf Budtender of the Month for March 2021.

Doobie Nights brings psychedelia to the dispensary experience

Owners Tiffany Woods and Damon Crain call Doobie Nights an “experiential dispensary,” and we couldn’t agree more.

Double Blind founders explore the realm of psychedelic medicine

Leaf Magazines connects with Double Blind founders Madison Margolin and Shelby Hartman