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Shh … it’s a Secret Session

The 2022 edition of the Cannabis smokeout and awards ceremony hits San Francisco

Photo by Matt Jackson

The torch has been passed, the joint ashed, the candy smashed, and the bowl cashed. Results are in for The Secret Session 2022 and California Leaf was there to deliver you the winners list

For those that don’t know, The Secret Session is a competition where members from the traditional and recreational markets enter the ring to kumite and see who can stand as best in their field. Held in the EU and the US, the 2022 edition had an impressive lineup of sponsors (like Santa Cruz Shredder, Mood Mats, and Valley Grove), as well as contestants (including CGO Lyfestyle, SF Canna, Casa Flor, and LA Family Farms).

Secret Session 2022 in San Francisco, Calif.
Photo by Matt Jackson Secret Session 2022 in San Francisco, Calif.

Entries for the Secret Session were carefully evaluated by a panel of smokers from all over the country. A certain number of judges kits were made available to the public but also supplied to discerning palates like that of Green R Fieldz and Jimi Devine. The 2022 edition also marked the first year that Hash Holes were added as a category, a move so popular they actually had to cut off the number of entries. 

The award ceremony, held in a swanky private location in the East Bay, brought together members from all over the cannabis community to enjoy a late afternoon of celebration and, of course, sesh. Since the ceremonies fell on 710, (the concentrate lover’s official holiday) partygoers were treated to fruit and dab pairings from The Hash Sommelier, a catered dinner, as well as hand-rolled hash holes from Bruno, featuring the latest flower from Sacramento-based Lumpy’s.

While the serene location meant some restrictions on sound, between the quality smoke and the koi pond nearby, the Secret Session felt like an upscale dinner party and a traditional session paired together like cheese and wine. 

Secret Session 2022 in San Francisco, Calif.
Matt Jackson Gorgeous blown-glass awards at the Secret Session 2022 in San Francisco, Calif.

As the evening progressed, the main event got underway, and the beautiful glass trophies were handed out. Some of the biggest Secret Session winners are names to keep on your radar. Well-known favorite CAM took home the award for Best Flower Appearance with their Kush Mints, but the winner of Best Tasting Flower was Heisenbern’s Z Cubed. Papa & Barkley won Best Tasting Edible with their Rainbow Rubble, but when the dust cloud settled, Dr. Green Farts stood holding the award for Best Overall Edible with their medicated conchas.

            Other notable winners included Kenjana Extracts with Best Overall Rosin (Pancakes), ET Farms with 3rd for Best Tasting Edible (Hashtroidz), Holy Water with Best Extracts (Zoap), Sumar Farms with 2nd Place Overall Edible (Rozzy Rings), Mountain Man Melts with Best Rosin Terps (Fatso), Diamond Fire with 1st for Best Overall / Best Smoking Flower (The Carbon), and GT Rolling Co. named Best Burning / Best Overall Hash Hole.

Secret Session 2022 in San Francisco, Calif.
Photo by Matt Jackson Secret Session 2022 in San Francisco, Calif.

Afterwards, the party became a celebration for the Secret Session’s competitors and winners. Photos were taken, dabs packed, and at least half of the party stayed around late into the night to continue the vibes or chill by the blue lights of the gazebo. When a friend asked me about my experience, I summed it up the same way I will for you readers, “I had so much fun, I almost left my Puffco Peak behind.” See you next time at The Secret Session.

-Matt Jackson would like to give a shout out to @pager.payphone and @454flower for helping make sure no Peak was left behind. For a complete list of winners, see below or visit The Secret Session website at https://thesecretsessioncup.com/



Best Overall

1st – Diamond Fire “The Carbon”

2nd – CAM “Sharklato”

3rd – Dubz Garden “Ponzu”

Best Smoking

1st – Diamond Fire “The Carbon”

2nd – Drops California “Rainbow Crack”

3rd – AMD Farms “Runtz”

Best Aroma

365 Canna Farms “Zkittlez”

Best Appearance

CAM “Kush Mints”

Best Taste

Heisenbern “Zkittlandia”

Best Burn

Planta Cannabis “LCG x Zkittlez”


Best Overall

1st – Kenjana Extracts “Pancakes”

2nd – Papas Select “Lemon Royale”

3rd – Hella Hash Co. “Papaya Fresh Press”

Best Terps

1st – Mountain Man Melts “Fatso”

2nd – Heisenbern  “Z Cubed”

3rd – American Hash Co. “Pink Papaya”


Best Overall

1st – GT Rolling

2nd – Diamond Fire

3rd – Mountain Man Melts

Best Burn

1st – GT Rolling

2nd – CGO lyfestyle

3rd – Rich Rollz


Best Overall

1st – Holy Water “Zoap”

2nd – Dope Flavors “Gelinator”

3rd – Casa Flor x Friendly Drugs USA “Purple Terps”


Best Overall

1st – Dr. Green Farts “Conchas”

2nd – Sumar Farms “Rozzy Rings”

3rd – Cozy Cubes “Tropical Lemonade Gummies”

Best Tasting

1st – Papas Select “Papas Selects”

2nd – Dr. Green Farts “Empanadas”

3rd – ET Farms “Hashtroidz”

Photos by @actionmattjackson

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