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Leaf Glassary: 11 Glass Terms You Need To Know

Essential terminology for the educated smoker

A high-end glass pipe consisting of complicated glass techniques, often exceeding prices of four or five figures. Not to say that you can’t find a nice pipe cheaper than that, but most of the time, nice pipes aren’t cheap!
Banger Beads
Small quartz/glass/ruby balls that rotate around in a quartz banger while taking a dab. The banger beads serve to balance the distribution of your concentrate when you’re dabbing as they help retain heat, often increasing the overall amount of smoke provided. This ensures that you get the most out of each dab.
Coming in several different shapes and designs including kettle, hammer, sidecar and inline, bubblers are smaller sized water pipes. Overall, they are more like a regular dry pipe than a water pipe, although bubblers have a bowl.
When glass artists place metals like gold, platinum and silver in between their torch flame and the glass they are working with, the high temperature of the flame then vaporizes the metals. The releasing fumes are then carried by the flame to the glass to make remarkable, iridescent designs that are often then encased with more clear glass.
Quartz Banger
A term for a dab nail made out of quartz crystal. On a dab rig, the nail is the part accountable for heating the concentrate to the formation of vapor. To ensure maximum flavor, after each dab make sure to dip a cotton swab in a small amount of isopropyl alcohol, then proceed to wipe your dab out of your banger until it looks new.
A configuration of two opposing spirals layered on one another.
A common style of concentrate water pipe that is constructed to recycle the smoke in a secondary chamber and bring it in a loop that goes back through the original chamber. This helps cool and refine the smoke, creating a smoother dab overall.
A traditional glass pipe modeled after the pipe smoked by the iconic Sherlock Holmes. Modern day borosilicate artists have adopted this pipe style and have since gone on to put their spin on this classic design.
Spinner Cap
A unique carb cap crafted to restrict the airflow in a certain direction. When used with banger beads, your dab and beads are sent into a vortex motion, often sending a vibrating sensation throughout the dab rig.
Synthetic Opal
Manmade opals that have the same chemical makeup, internal composition, physical properties and appearance as natural opals. Synthetic or imitation opal will not burn in the heat, making them ideal for borosilicate glassblowers.
Wig Wag
Sometimes called a reversal, a Wig Wag is a glass blowing line pattern consisting of spirals.

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