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Author: Max Early

Glass Art Profile: Big Tom Glass

As a kid I was obsessed with comic book art. That style of heavy exaggeration still influences my sculptural work today.

Shop Review: Redwood Glass Gallery

Creating a space for collectors and connoisseurs alike, the gallery provides a place where everyone can come together.

Glass Artist: Trevy Metal

"I've been immersed in art my entire life.”

Upgrade to Warlock Status: The Glass Art of Alex Ubatuba

The next few years will be exciting to watch as I create new work and explore new materials with no limitations.

Glass Art: Bob Lewis aka Blew Glass

From mini-tubes and water-spinners to cups and trinkets, Lewis has come a long way from his early days.

One Stop Sweet Shop: Renee Patula Glass Art

I really enjoyed making things that stood out and people have a nostalgic connection to.

A Quest for the Best Glass

I am very inspired by the scene as a whole… and constantly am finding new glassblowers that ‘wow’ me.

Glass Spotlight: BK Glassware

"Watching my dad blow glass over the years allowed me to learn visually."

Grow Tour: Verdant Leaf

Verdant Leaf has deep roots in the medicinal realm and a burning passion for solventless concentrates.

Burnt River Farms

In addition to Cannabis cultivation, this location is home to their single-source extraction lab.

From BMX Rider to Patient

I’ve overcome many things thanks to Cannabis and the surrounding people in this industry.

Weed as an Exit Drug: An Interview with Anna Symonds

“When it comes to harm reduction, I've met people who had an opioid use disorder, and they shifted to Cannabis."

Oregon’s “Hapy” Place

The goal of Hapy Kitchen goes far beyond getting people stoned.

Rolen Stone Farm

"The Green Crack and Citrus Smuggler that we bred about four years ago are both killers."

Redwood Cannabis

This Oregon shop is a dabber's heaven.

The Unflappable Parker Thomas

Keep a positive attitude and always look on the bright side. If you are feeling positive, you will feel less sick.

The Positive Energy of Bonsai Farms

One of the pride and joys of Bonsai most certainly is their coveted cut of the almighty Papaya.

Little Slice of Heaven

Five full-time and 12 part-time employees help to harvest and trim a total of 1,000 pounds each year. 

Wook Hash Retreat

"I can personally say I witnessed the VIPs open their concentrate boxes like kids on Christmas morning."

Kanopy 7’s KD Pritchett

"I love the shop I work in and the people I work with, we really are like a family."

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