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Glass Artist: Trevy Metal

"I've been immersed in art my entire life.”

Do you ever find yourself curious about where certain artists draw their inspiration from? Ever since I first laid eyes on Trevy Metal’s artwork, I have been intrigued and beyond curious with the aforementioned – left pondering where he comes up with some of the mystical characters and cartoons that’ve been birthed from his brain. 

Born and raised in Morgantown, Pennsylvania, Trevy spent lots of time around his father – a passionate tattoo artist – which fueled Trevy’s imagination, along with a healthy dose of cartoons. “I’ve been immersed in art my entire life. I started working with glass in 2015 in Philadelphia at a studio called Krushmore, and learned carving and how to do it from Rye Glass (@ryeglass).” 

Paving his lane in the art world, Trevy skillfully uses a dremel to engrave his immaculate works of art onto all sorts of incredible borosilicate glass pieces. Using everything from nostalgic imagery like Gameboy to ancient Egyptian designs, Trevy’s artwork tells a story and elevates the smoking experience to a new level. 

You can tell there’s a ton of intentionality put into his collaboration pieces, as Trevy works with other world-renowned artists including Stormin Norman (@storin___norman), Buck Glass (@buckglass), Darby (@darbyholmglass) and WJC (@wjcglas), creating customized artwork in synergy with their bodies of work. But he also channels his creativity in many different expressions and forms of art, including clothing, smoking accessories, canvases and beyond. He’s recently offered his imaginative services to multiple Cannabis brands like Archive Portland and Dabrite, while also doing design work for clothing labels such as Market and OHGEESY’s brand OTX. 

When asked what he’s smoking on these days, the response was simple yet on the money. “A good OG will always have my heart, but I’m repping hard for the East Coast with Pleasant Effect’s Zoap!”

 trevy-design.myshopify.com | @trevymetal

Photos by @pyroscopic

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This article was originally published in the March 2024 issue of All Magazines.

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